UPDATED: No Bail For Suspect In Brutal Logan Square Beating

Updated 09/21/11 – 4:14 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 19-year-old reputed gang member was ordered held without bail on Wednesday for allegedly beating a 14-year-old boy with a metal baseball bat last week, in what authorities said was a case of mistaken identity.

Prosecutors said Esteban Miranda, of the 1600 block of North Maplewood Avenue, went out looking for rival gang members to attack on Sept. 13 when he spotted Brian DeLeon, an innocent high school student on his way home from doing homework with his girlfriend.

Miranda is charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of attempted first degree murder in the attack.

The attack occurred in the 2900 block of West Bloomingdale Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood near Yates Elementary school, where DeLeon was once a student.

Brian de Leon

Brian DeLeon, 14, was brutally beaten in the Logan Square neighborhood. (Credit: CBS)

DeLeon had a silver-dollar sized hole in his head from being hit with either a bat or a sledgehammer, and his injuries were so severe, that police initially thought he had been shot.

After savagely beating DeLeon, Miranda also allegedly used a phone number stored in DeLeon’s phone to call DeLeon’s girlfriend and leave her a frightening voice mail message.

Prosecutors said the message was filled with gang slogans affiliated with a rival gang that Miranda thought DeLeon belonged to.

But DeLeon, who is now on a ventilator, was never part of a gang. The judge called Miranda a predator who wanted to get revenge against a rival gang member.

Miranda was denied bond and the judge also ordered Miranda to have no contact with the victim’s family or his fellow gang members.

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Prosecutors said Miranda intentionally went into a rival gang’s territory on the night of Sept. 13. His goal, they said, was to beat up a rival gang member.

Instead, Miranda happened upon DeLeon.

Prosecutors said Miranda was in a car with other fellow gang members. He asked one of them to switch places with him when he was driving, after he drank a bottle of Hennessy. He demanded they drive him to Logan Square.

When he spotted DeLeon, he told the driver to stop. That’s when Miranda approached DeLeon and beat him repeatedly in the head and body with the metal baseball bat, even though DeLeon insisted he was not a gang member, prosecutors said.

Gang members reportedly told Miranda to stop beating Brian DeLeon, 14, with a baseball bat after they realized he wasn’t in a rival gang, the Chicago Tribune reported.

After DeLeon fell to the ground, bleeding profusely, Miranda took the 14-year-old’s cell phone, prosecutors alleged. He went back to the car and called the last number DeLeon had dialed – which was his girlfriend’s number.

Miranda left a message for Diana Vasquez, filled with gang slogans.

Prosecutors said Miranda is no stranger to law enforcement. In 2009, he was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He was convicted and sentenced to boot camp.

In 2008, Miranda was charged with aggravated DUI. He was convicted and also sentenced to boot camp

Miranda’s family left the courtroom without speaking to reporters.

His attorney, Vincent A. Luisi Jr., said, “My client is presumed innocent and when this case is over, everyone will see that my client is innocent. We do feel bad for Mr. DeLeon’s family. However, my client is not the man who committed this offense.”

Miranda’s attorney also said his client has a job at a car wash and has a fiancée who’s three months pregnant.

The Tribune reported that fellow gang members tipped police to Miranda’s alleged involvement in the beating.

Two other people who were being questioned were released without being charged, according to the Sun-Times Media Wire.

Prosecutors said DeLeon has endured numerous brain surgeries. His chances of recovery and ever leading a normal life again are slim.

  • Lyndia

    This man should spend the rest of his miserable life in jail WITH NO PAROLE..
    God bless this beautiful child.

  • Latino

    I pray that this Kid gets better. GOD bless you Brian.

    What is wrong with you stupid fcks out there and your mistaken identity bullsht? Don’t you ask questions first? Or you just start swinging and than say, oh sht it’s not him? That’s an excuse because he got caught. I hate defense lawyers in cases like this.

    What needs to start happening is putting these parents in jail for anyone under the age of 21. It’s the parents fault for letting their kids join gangs or not being involved in their kids lives. Especially these mexican’s who’s parents let them do what they like because their kids were born in the states and they were not. Afraid to talk to the police for fear of deportation. If you fear deportation why don’t you become a citizen or do what you have to do to get the ball rolling?

    People like this need a rude awakening with their azzez getting stomped so they can feel what it is to get hit with a sledgehammer. Can we just hit him once with a sledgehammer to set an example that we are sick and tired of our kids getting killed for no reason by other parents kids? Can we stomp on this kids parents so their whole family can fell what these families feel? What is wrong with these kids and all their hatred for mankind? PARENTS! Lack of parenting!

    • SK

      Couldn’t agree more.. his parents probably have no care for him and have no idea what he does. So punish them since your job as a parent is to care for your kids and they ahve obviously failed.

  • Antonio Cruz

    Wow 19 year’s old and is looking at possibly spending the best years of his life behind bar’s… Two young life’s wasted, One in a coma ”My prayers are with you and your love ones””. and one in jail for maybe the next 40 years..

    What a waste….

  • chicagoSHORTY

    yeah, im not saying Brian is a gang-member but the article makes it seem like he isn’t one just because he goes to pheonix military school. I attend Foreman HS and you’d be surprised at who “looks” like a gang banger (alot of them dont look like their in a gang at all) but I do hope he can recover I have a little brother his age and I’d go crazy if something like that happened to him!!!!

  • Sanene

    How can anyone look at that poor 14 year old kid and think he was a member of a rival gang? You can looik at his face and his eyes and tell he is a decent, gentle soul. God Bless Him and bring him to a full recovery. I have heard that excuse that they thought it was a rival gang member once too often. It is time to take some REAL action to put a stop to these monsters killing innocent children, or any innocent person whatsoeve.r How about this: PUNISH THE ENTIRE GANG OF THE PERPETRATOR! Put continuous pressure on the ENTIRE GANG that the perpetrator belongs to and in whose behalf he is supposedly acting, Hound them day and night, every time they step out in the street. Houng them out of existence? Put a stop to this idea of a gang of criminals OWNING our streets. Isn’t this what we pay taxes for? Put a stop to this gang menace once and for all. Arresting one person at a time isn’t going to do it, get the WHOLE GANG he belongs to.

  • Cindy lou

    Yes these mexican illegals have nothing better to do then pick on defensless young good men. He should be hug and his parents deported immediately , no trial no nothing

    • Roxy Rey

      cindy lou are u serious??? what a stupid and IGNORANT COMMENT U just made!! learn how 2 spell IDIOT!!! may you need a HUG! or therapy???? hmm??

      • Cindy lou

        Roxy I meant HUNG , sorry about my spelling but this story upsets me .. poor kids

      • Huggy Bear

        Typical Asian..

  • FC

    For God’s sake, please lock this man up…forever. He should never see the daylight ever again. It has become too easy for these men to violate and physically abuse all innocent and defenseless people, old as well as young (like in this case).. There’s no respect. Where were the men in blue while this was happening? Perhaps citing parking tickets because that’s revenue and needless to say, easier to execute.

  • sonyy

    Way Too Funny!!!

  • PO PO is a joke

    Trust me when I say they were not out giving tickets. They were at your nearest dunkin donuts eating donuts with their fat azzes or out harassing a hard working tax payer that they know is not in a gang or doesn’t have a gun bigger than theirs. Cops don’t fck with bangers because they know it’s playing with their lives and also these guys don’t give a sht about shooting a cop they will shoot them in a heart beat. These cops prey on innocent people and I know this because I have gotten stopped many times by the law because I am spanish and look thuggish and the first thing they always ask me is, ” So what gang are you in.” When I tell them, I have a degree from college and make $_ _, _ _ _ a year. That’s when they start getting tough and talking loud because they know I don’t pack or hang with a pack. These cops are a joke. They prey on the wrong people because they love power. These po po’s know I am not going to risk my job or my salary so they start trying to edge me on because they love to see peoples lives ruined. PO PO is a joke in this state. Scared to hit the blocks because they fear these bangers. LOL

  • Jerry Frey
  • BoBo

    Kill this POS. One less Mexican gang banger. Good day, good day indeed.

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