CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Chicago Police officer has been charged with giving false testimony that led to a woman’s conviction on battery charges.

Sylshina London, 36, was charged with perjury, after London falsely claimed the woman hit her in the face with a bottle after a traffic altercation in 2010. As a result of the false testimony, the other woman, Debra Green, was found guilty of battery.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on March 19, 2010 near 79th Street and Vincennes when London was off-duty and driving her personal vehicle to work. According to prosecutors, London was late for work at the 6th District Police Station when she began cutting in and out of a funeral procession.

Green, whose sister was the deceased, noticed London cutting in and out of the traffic lane of the procession, according to a release from the state’s attorney’s office.

As London’s car pulled next to hers, Green yelled at London for cutting into the procession and pointed to the funeral sticker on the windshield.

Green’s vehicle then continued on in the funeral procession, but when the car reached 100th Street and Vincennes, her vehicle was stopped by police.

Green and several of her family members were detained and prevented from continuing on in the funeral procession to attend her sister’s burial, because London had called in a complaint of battery after the verbal altercation.

According to prosecutors, during Green’s bench trial, London repeated her allegation and testified that Green threw a bottle at her from the front passenger seat of the car she was riding in.

In the meantime, the Independent Police Review Authority had begun an investigation into the incident after members of the funeral procession contacted them regarding London’s conduct.

As a part of the investigation, IPRA examined camera footage the led them to believe that London’s account was false. Existence of that camera footage was not known at the time of the battery trial.

The state’s attorney’s office has vacated Green’s battery conviction based on the new evidence.

London had been employed with the Chicago Police Department since 2002 before resigning earlier this year.

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