Report: Daleys Used Security Detail For Personal Errands

CHICAGO (CBS) — While he was in office, Mayor Daley and his family used his taxpayer-funded security detail for a variety of personal needs, according to a published report.

The Daleys’ daughters, Nora and Lally, used the Chicago police officers assigned to protect the mayor to take them to work or shopping, according to Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed.

When the Daleys went to their vacation home in Michigan, the bodyguards would stay at a hotel in nearby New Buffalo and watch TV waiting for the Daleys to use them “at their beck and call,” Sneed reported.

A source also told Sneed that Daley now rarely uses his scaled-down security detail. Current Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut back the number of officers assigned to the former mayor shortly after he took office.

  • Just Axin

    It’s a given that all Daley’s are pieces of sh!t, but I would also include Rahm. He justifies their security as Daley’s wife has cancer. Who cares? People cope everyday, and that triple chin Daley can sure afford a cab ride. Or, place a phone book on the seat and drive your wife to her weekly appt. you a-hole.

  • tom Sharp

    Anyone surprised by this has had his/her head in the sand! This is true of ALL politicians with security; look at that nitwit Treasurer Pappas, the Burkes, etc. These people all operate under the idea that Chicago is their Medieval Fiefdom and treat the tax payers as serfs. TERM LIMITS OF ONE!!!

  • ChicagoCitizen

    Security isn’t much use unless it’s with you all the time. There are far too many Daley haters in this city !.

    • tom Sharp

      All you ever do is apologize for every crooked politician and cop reported on these blogs . What about having very highly paid cops doing shopping and baby sitting duties is right? That’s what nannies are for! Shut up!

  • ChicagoOne

    Just what are those “bodyguards” doing now?
    They are highly paid chauffers – nothing more. Taking precious “maggie” to and from her doctors appointments!

    Rahm – take them all away from Daley, Burke, and S. Neely.
    Why does the city treasurer need body guards? It’s not like she is walking out of city hall with a briefcase full of money every day – or is she!

  • not drinking the koolaid

    this is what happens when the taxpayers are sheep and the media is bought and paid for! you mean to tell me the media didnt know about this years ago,like i said bought and paid for!

    • g-man

      You are soooooo right !! The media knew about this many many many years ago but would not dare say anything about king Daley while he was in office.

  • Jim

    Will Daley pay Ryan and Blago a visit? HE SHOULD!

    • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

      Bet on it, It’s not over yet!

  • george

    please explain to me why anyone is surprised by this… i can not believe this is even covered by the news media… this is an everyday occurrence everywhere in this country… it is no longer news worthy.

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