God, that sucked. A 10 point loss that felt like a 30 point blowout. Now it’s rainy and dreary. People are grumpy around here. There is no Church’s Victory Chicken on the horizon.

We’ll dissect the ugliness, commiserate with you about the talent level, the coaching, the execution, and the Packers being where they are on the NFL totem poll. High.

Personally, I’ll give credit to the worst Bears offensive possession I have ever seen, and credit to the dumbest player on the field. No other way way to refer to this person, sorry.

Jim Miller at 10, on how the packers offense has a plan, while the Bears plan is a mystery.

Doug Buffone, to rant intelligently. It’s possible. I think.

Hub Arkush at 12, to help us get some perspective on where we are.

Lovie talks at 12, we’ll get that to you as well.

Then we’ll all go back to bed and pretend it never happened.

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