(WSCR) Is this Rex Grossman all over again?

Jay Cutler clearly has more talent than Grossman, but former Bears wide receiver Mushin Muhammed, who played with Grossman, is worried that the pressure in Chicago might be too much for Cutler, as it was for his former quarterback.

“On our run to the Super Bowl, the first seven or eight games, I mean, (Grossman) was lights out, he was explosive, he was lights out, I mean , he was almost unconscious,” Muhammed said on The Mully and Hanley Show Thursday. “And then something mentally happened to Rex, I don’t know what it was, but there was a tremendous amount of pressure put on this young guy and he didn’t handle it the right way.”

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Eventually Grossman and the Bears parted ways when he became a free agent after the 2008 season and the team went and traded for Jay Cutler. Now Cutler is the one dealing with the pressure and Muhammed isn’t sure the quarterback can handle it.

“There are such things as happy divorces where it’s a good thing for a player to get a new start,” Muhammed said. “And it’s a good thing for the team and the city and the fans to have a fresh new beginning. Is Jay Cutler a talented guy? Absolutely. Is his personality the fit for that team, for those players, for those receivers he has on his corp,? Is he the right leader for that offense? I’m not sure. I think it has to be proven and if Jay Cutler  is a guy that has a chip on his shoulder, he’ll go out there and prove everyone wrong. There’s enough time in this season to go out there and get it done.

“Is he a guy that can handle that pressure? With a chip on his shoulder go out and prove himself? Well that remains to be seen. That’s why they play the games. And I’m anxious to see what this kid does. I want to see this go out here and prove some people wrong. If he can do it it would be great, if not, guess what? He’s not the guy who can handle this job.”

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