CHICAGO (CBS) — I’m not much of a television critic, but after the Bear game on Sunday if you want to watch a really good show, turn on “60 Minutes.”

One of the all-time greats of television will be saying goodbye after 33 years — more than a quarter of a century on “60 Minutes.”

He’s Andy Rooney, the gold standard of commentary on television, the king of curmudgeons. The compelling and provocative Andy Rooney. The fluent and poetic Andy Rooney, thinking about things and making people think. So much better than the talking heads on TV not thinking, just yapping at each other, making me hold my ears.

To many of us in the business, to me, for sure, Andy Rooney’s been an inspiration. I think that how he thinks and speaks about issues and events is what ought to be on television.

So my goodbye Rooney Wish is that there be more of it.

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