If only the Cubs had the same sense of urgency
to oust Jim Hendry.

According to the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan, the
Cubs have sent out a letter to season ticket holders informing them the
deadline to renew their seats will be moved up to from early January to Nov. 16th.

If this is the start of the Prince Fielder fund,

If this is just another tone-deaf move by the
team that saw a sea of empty seats regularly for the first time in forever,
than heaven help Cubs nation.

Why not wait until the Theo Epstein or Andrew
Friedman introductory press conference to get fans excited before asking for
the 10 percent deposit on season tickets from loyal fans?

Unless, of course, it’s already clear to Tom
Ricketts that the dream team of general manager candidates is just that.

The Cubs, who had the third highest ticket
prices in the majors this year, have not announced ticket prices yet. Invoices
will be sent out sometime in October. Which gives fans a few short weeks to get
the checks written.

After a 71-91 season which found the Cubs 25
games behind the division-champion Milwaukee Brewers?

After the Cubs had to bribe bleacher fans with
free T-shirts, discounted Buds and hot dogs to buy tickets for Monday-Wednesday

Who’s advising the Ricketts family? Former Mayor
Daley’s PR people?

Sully said the Cubs are expected to increase the number of season
ticket holders, after barely drawing three million in 2011 and having tens of
thousands of no-shows.

I’ll believe that when I see it.

The Cubs couldn’t even sell out their convention
for the first time last winter.

One piece of good news: Sully said the price of
bleacher tickets is expected to drop after the Cubs had difficulties selling
out the bleachers for weekday night games in April, May and September.

Still, asking for money upfront earlier than
usual is about as smart as Ozzie Guillen asking Jerry Reinsdorf for a raise and
contract extension after the Sox soiled their baseball bed. It’s been a long,
long time since I was a Cubs season-ticket holder.

Guessing this money grab will only add to those
joining me.

Hope you will join
Mully and me Thursday from 5 a.m.
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