Friday, game on.

It’s a great day in baseball, and we’ll preview some playoffs, reflect on Wednesday’s awesomeness, and see whop we, and you, are might be choosing to root for this month.

Terry Francona is out in Boston. Theo Epstein said all the right things yesterday,& he’ll try to keep his hands clean today. Francona out, w/ owners blamed for scapegoating.

Sox fans and Cubs fans alike should covet him. My bet is neither gets him, and he’ll take a year off. But we’ll see.

Lots of Bears/NFL preview today, with Who Do You Love, Over/Unders, and maybe that list of the top 100 players in the NFL.

Hub Arkush at 10, Teddy Greenstein on NU/Illinois at 11, and David Haugh on the Bears and Payton at 12.

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