Man Arrested For 65th Time After Holding Woman And Her Children Hostage

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (STMW) – A woman and her two small children escaped a home in unincorporated Northbrook after her attacker fell asleep, ending a week-long captivity during which the woman was repeatedly beaten.

Francisco Tirado, 27, of the 3700 block of Salem Walk in unincorporated Northbrook, was charged Friday with two felony counts of aggravated domestic battery and one felony count of aggravated unlawful restraint, according to a release from the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

The arrest was the 65th since 2001, the release said.

Tirado was also charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of interference with emergency communications related to domestic battery, according to the release.

Tirado returned to his home heavily intoxicated Sept. 22 and was confronted by the woman after he urinated on the bathroom floor, the release said. He then began to beat and kick the woman.

He also shoved her head into a toilet and hit it against it as well, the release said.

Tirado took the woman to the home of one of his family members in the Jefferson Park neighborhood the next day, where he choked her until she nearly lost consciousness, the release said.

Tirado stopped the attack when he saw a family member approaching, but then ordered the woman to drive him back to his home, the release said.

The woman tried to drive to the Chicago Police Jefferson Park District station at 5151 N. Milwaukee Ave., but Tirado held a knife to her throat and held his hand across the neck of her 5-week-old baby.

Tirado spit in the child’s face as well as the face of the woman’s 16-month-old toddler and threatened to kill both children, the release said.

Two woman and her children escaped Tirado’s home Thursday after he fell asleep Thursday, according to the release.

Tirado appeared in Skokie bond court Friday, where Cook County Judge Marcia Orr set bond at $300,000, the release said.

The judge also issued an order of protection and barred Tirado from contact with the woman or her immediate family.

Tirado is schedule to appear in court again Oct. 7.

Tirado’s previous arrests include aggravated assault with a weapon, domestic battery and striking and spitting in the face of a law enforcement officer, the release said.

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  • tom sharp

    Time to lynch him and the judges that let him run amok with impunity!

    • Don Smith

      Don’t you have anyone there who knows how to spell? How about constructing a sentence? I’m sure that somewhere in the state of Illinois you could find and pay a high school graduate to do a little proofreading for your news team. Try finding someone who worked at the high school newspaper and received good grades. I know it may be difficult in your state but I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll find somebody.

    • Brian

      I like some of the other sites that prohibit ALL CAPS.

    • Marcus Jackson

      If I were a criminal, I’d move to Chicago. Honest citizens aren’t allowed to conceal carry and protect themselves and the city enables criminals.

    • Roberta Waker

      Print the name of the Judges in the paper so they can be fired; also the State’s Attorney isn’t doing their job if this guy has been arrested 65 times and is still running around. He’s a major reason for conceal carry – at least the woman would have had a chance to protect herself and her children from this criminal. Can’t imagine what would have happened to her if he hadn’t fallen asleep and she was able to get away. Wake up prosecutors and judges – it’s time to do your jobs and STOP plea bargains for repeat offenders. Build more prisons if we need them – it will put a lot of people to work.


      • Reality Check

        No you are a moron kevin because this kind of thing has been going on for time immemorial in Chicago – typical Chicago……

      • Ronny Hollywood

        Support the Youth for Western Civilization and help put a stop to the Marxist indoctrination on college campuses!

        Pledge your support today at –

        Do it for the Children!

      • proudnot2bliberal

        all obama buddies apppointed by glavovich probably

      • mirted

        Any possibility this guy is mafia or other gang connection? Related to a local politician maybe? Just asking. If he’s just a plain ordinary sicko thug, the malfeasance by local authorities is even more despicable. The victim’s blood is on their hands, as is that of the next (most certain there will be another) victim.

      • jgfox

        Great comment and I was thinking the same thing.

        How the Hell did he get off multiple serious offences when I can get out of a simple traffic ticket.

        How many hours of police and court time did he use up.

        Please follow up on what happens and why did it take so long.

      • kevin

        u are a moron proud, its been going on since 2001

      • Japes Macfarland

        You are the moron, Kevin, because the poster was loosely referring the the Left in general and how they tend to *always* support the criminal over the victim. (Lol, in the macro they hated Bush more than the mass murdering, rapist nightmare monster Saddam Hussein.) So no, Kevin, you just don’t get it. It is the Left’s bad ideas and bad values that have hurt these people, as much as the criminal himself. We have a right to be upset.

      • Daniel Allen

        prison? bullet.


        @ KENYAN MAN…
        I just reported you to

    • scooby

      Did anyone notice how many grammatical and syntax errors in that article? Is it laziness or possibly affirmative action at work? I’m wondering if this is typical for network affiliates in Chicago?

      • dave

        Wookies in the hiring pool….

    • Mark

      It’s Bush’s fault

    • Foster Glenwood

      One of the worst written articles I have ever seen. To paraphrase Frank Zappa … People who can’t write, writing for people who can’t read. I’m sure they must know someone’s father at CBS to get the job.

      • Lynn

        That’s what I was thinking, Foster. What kind of editor allows poorly written articles like this one to get on the electronic page?! SO many errors its ridiculous!

      • Polyanna LaTigra

        I got the impression that is was translated from English to ??? and back to English. Terrible typos!

  • Peace-N-Love

    We should set his @ss on fire and then put out the fire with sulfuric acid!!!!!

    • dave

      well since it finally hit the media hell get 3 months lol when he needs life

      • KJenki

        Dave you mean when he needs death!!!
        Only in the land of Obummer and Deadfich

      • naparon

        deport the wet back.this clown is most likely illeagal allien.

  • Kathleen

    He’s been arrested 65 times since 2001…& Just What Has The Court System Been Doing? Obviously they aren’t doing their jobs!
    This guy is a hazard to society & should be locked up for a VERY LONG Time.
    While he’s in lock-up he should have a mental evaluation as well. He sounds like a real Wing-Nut! It’s obvious he has No Backbone…beating on women & children…maybe in prison he will get his @$$ beat & then can find out what being treated like someone’s B!tch is all about!

    • Roberta Waker

      A mental evaluation might keep him out of prison so I wouldn’t recommend that, although his attorney probably will. He is an ABUSER, plain and simple and yes, he does need help; but he also needs JAIL TIME for what he did to this poor woman. The judges and prosecutors need to do their jobs and put criminals like this away for a long time. The woman should sue everyone that let him go free to torture her and her children – maybe THAT will wake them up.

      • John Smith

        Unfortunately, the very people responsible for prosecuting, or in this case not prosecuting him and sentencing him to jail, are immune from liability for their actions, or lack of actions, so suing them would just waste money. It;s time the people in Chicago elect new judges and DAs and hold this guy up as an example why hope & change is needed.

      • kjenki

        EXECUTION is what he needs and society deserves.

    • Ron Breckler

      There is little else to say , but Lock Him Up! ASAP before he kills someone. If a Judde want him ouut then make him live with the Jidge!

  • tacheles

    Speechless! We need a 300 strikes and you are out law.

  • Just Axin

    What a puny bail given his arrest record. CBS could seek some justice and research why many of those charges didn’t stick. We could also email the CC SA ( and ask what the hell happened to those 65 different charges. Plea deals? What went wrong? Come on readers, let’s stop complaining and get some answers.

    • Rick Evans

      That’s what I was thinking.

    • OLD VET


      • Bill Jones

        If they did arrest him 65 times then they were doing their job!!!! Look to the court system, they are ones who decide his fate after the police arrested him 65 times.

      • TomP.

        Sorry, Old Vet-the cops don’t have much to do with the final outcome of a case. The police bring these losers in time and time again, and the spineless, ineffective criminal “justice” system just recycles them with a lecture or useless probation. This moron should have been locked up for a long time a long time ago. I wonder what his immigration status is?



    • ConservativeRedneck

      Yep! We haven’t had a justice system in years. We have a legal system to insure job security for the justice system. Look how many they employ? Just image how huge their budget that the taxpayers pay for is. If they were hard on crime it would drop and a lot of people would be out of work.

      • EscapeIllinois

        Excellent point.

  • Bonnie Jean Connors

    This guy is a ticking time bomb. He needs to be locked up for a long, long time. I would like to know if he has ever been sentenced to jail. I mean …… after 65 arrests, YOU WOULD THINK that some judge would see that he belongs behind bars.

    • Ken Bowser

      locked up forever. Minimum 300 years to life sounds appropriate.

    • John Smith

      Since he picks on the ladies, typically smaller & weaker, maybe a couple of big strong local boys should show him a little vigilante justice and DARE him to complain or call the authorities.

    • Daniel Allen

      He belongs 6 feet under. If the courts won’t do it, we need male members of these victims families to just quietly do what needs to be done. He’ll be out again. We need star chambers to be real if they aren’t already.

  • Amos

    Is this fellow a citizen?

  • Adam Smith

    If this is all true, just execute him and be done with it. No room for cretins like this in civilized life.

  • JOe Dutra

    Proofread. Mistakes start with first sentence.

    • vermindust

      I got all chocked up by the grammar.

  • freecheese

    Illegal Mexican. ‘Nuff said.

    • WagTheDog

      He’s no Mexican, but Tirado IS a Puerto Rican name, so that would make him a legal citizen, unfortunately. When he’s put away, if ever, I would hope he’d be put into a Mexican jail . . . he’s earned it.

  • snappermaan

    What would the reader most like to know? IS THIS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT?

  • Beulah

    Maybe you people should realize we have too many laws and when people keep getting arrested for stupid things it just makes them angry.

    • Brendan

      Yeah, stupid laws are what forced him to hold a knife to a 5 week old baby and spit on it. I am sure that if he thought our laws were more reason based he would have said “well they do have a legal system based upon the logical concepts of Adam Smith and his vision of absolute rights, so I will refrain from violating any of these laws”.

      Just think of it this way. This guy is such a degenerate that out of the roughly 3500 days since 2001, he has been arrested close to 2% of them. He basically when woke up had a 1 in 50 chance of committing a crime and being arrested. Not only is he a career criminal, but he is bad at it.

  • Cindy

    Eeesh! Don’t you people proofread?

    • WagTheDog

      Ha! This illiteracy is becoming commonplace in USA now. It’s our destroyed school system that teaches “social this and social that” and PC and LGBT instead of the 3 Rs. Not to mention that Chicago is 33% African, a known HIGHLY illiterate race. It’s only going to get worse.

      • Bruce

        88% literacy isn’t “highly illiterate”, you illiterate!

    • ConservativeRedneck

      prufread wat?

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  • Steve

    Orders of protection are a joke. He was already ordered not to molest people my moral and criminal codes and he did it with impunity. He needs to be removed from society permanently. Make the judge serve the time with him if he breaks his bail or “order of protection”.

  • Wayne

    Definitely makes a strong case for summary execution.

  • David B

    Liberalism on display for all to see! Vote every dem out of office in 2012(then we will deal with the rino’s)

  • ELI

    Have you seen a more fitting example of a evil person that should have a 180 grains of hot lead put between his eyes in your life.

    In my neck of the woods he would have been legally dealt(Castle Doctrine) with way before things reached this point.

    You people in Illinois are stupid! You have people writing your laws that are protected by bodyguards with guns while you can only protect yourselves with a puny knife or bat.

    The judge needs dealt with severely too since this guys 65th crime only gets him a $300,000.00. Its no wonder why your city/region is the hotbed of crime that it is, your judges are all scared little weenies!

  • Renfield

    That Viromontes bum who robbed that Irish girl and her friend by using a baseball bat to smash their heads had a long record, too. Our criminal justice . . . oops (my lawyer brother-in-law always corrects me) . . . LEGAL system is pathetic.

    This guy had 65 arrests, and that’s only for the crimes he was caught for. How could even an airhead liberal judge not put this guy away eventually?

    Oh, that’s right. It’s Chicago. If one of those people had shot Francisco Tirado, the airhead liberal judges would suddenly become law-and-order conservatives.

  • Mannie

    What do you expect? This is Chicago. Only criminals have rights. Move along and eat your cake – nothing to see, here.

  • cmh

    Does no one edit these articles? What is chocking, and who was the second woman who escaped? What were they doing in his house? Very poorly researched and written.

  • m derosa

    It’s really not his fault. I’m sure he had a rotten childhood. The Government should have done more to help this poor guy. Maybe President Obama could pass a stimulus package and spend billions of dollars to help the unfortunate Mr. Tiirado and those like him. Somebody should’ve given this man a job, paid for his health insurance and given him an EBT card so he could get free stuff. We all let him down. No wonder he turned to crime. I’m sorry.
    (I trust you all recognize sarcasm…..)

  • Crabjuice

    Hey, CBS, two words for ya: PROOF READ.

  • Vigilanties

    Actually if govt gets weaker as it gets broker, historically that is when citizens take care of the problem. Citizens can be much more ruthless than the law can be.This is the silver lining to a looming financial collapse.

    • Lee

      I like the way you think. A well armed society is a polite society and a much more stable calm one after the initial ruckess while getting rid of the riff raff.

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