CPS Suspends 2 Coaches Accused Of Driving Teens To Fight

UPDATED 10/04/11 6:36 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Two Fenger High School coaches have been suspended as officials investigate whether they drove a group of students to the home of a peer who was attacked by the youths.

The family of Darion Jones says the teen was beaten so badly that he lost a tooth, and his prosthetic eye was knocked out of its socket, CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

“They hit me in the mouth right here, they hit me right here, and they knocked my contact out of my eye,” who said as many as 30 kids attacked him.

“I saw my son. He was bloody, shirt all ripped,” his mother, Patricia Jones said Monday. “I’m hollering, ‘What’s the matter? What’s going on?’”

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Patricia Jones intervened to try and help her son injuring her arm in the process.

“The doctor said it was strains and sprains,” she said.

During the chaos, the teen’s mom says one of the adults present introduced himself as a Fenger coach. She thinks two coaches brought the kids to her home.

At the very least, she says, the men did nothing to stop the beating of her son, which occurred in the alley next to her house.

The family says one of the coaches told them they were there to settle a score over stolen flip-flops.

“The coach said that my boys had taken some high school student’s shoes,” Jones said. “I told the guys in that car, ‘I’ll buy you a pair of shoes. Don’t take my child’s life. Don’t take my children’s life.’”

Darion says he never stole any shoes, an MP3 player, or anything else he is accused of stealing.

Officials with the Chicago Public Schools is taking the matter seriously.

“CPS decided to remove the coaches from their positions pending the completion of the investigation,” a written statement said.

But Patricia Jones says the whole family feels imprisoned, rarely leaving home because they say the attackers have promised they will strike again.

Darion Jones says he fears going back to class, but his mother fears for her son’s life.

“Please don’t let them kill my kids! Don’t let them kill my kids!” she sobbed.

Community activist Andrew Holmes is talking to neighbors to help police figure out who’s responsible for the violence that occurred.

Meanwhile, police tell CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli the coaches’ role in the altercation is not clear.

Police also say the brawl that injured Darion did not involve an attack by 30 people, but a one-on-one fight. They are looking at charging one 16-year-old boy with simple battery.

This is not the first time in recent years that Fenger High School has been the subject of notoriety in the headlines.

Two years ago, honor student Derrion Albert, 16, was beaten to death as he walked home from the school and was caught in the middle of a fight. Teens who lived in “The Ville” neighborhood around Fenger, 11220 S. Wallace St., were fighting with teens who were bused in from Altgeld Gardens near 130th Street.

All five boys and young men charged in the case were convicted, and three of them were sentenced to 32 years in prison.

  • tom Sharp

    A gang banger rips off some kids and everyone but the gang banger thief is in trouble–typical Chicago justice.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Tom Sharp is a coat-hanger scarred, inbred redneck as it is. He’s always posting about black athletes with vitriol on the WSCR stories as well.

      • ChicagoCitizen

        That’s hilarious.

    • Diva

      How do u know he stole something? How do you know he’s a gang banger? You’re so ignorant. Go kill yourself!

      • Shadaie

        He’s black you silly goof..

      • tom Sharp

        In addition, why would two kids with two coaches just randomly pick on this kid and go to his house if he didn’t something??? You think these guys would risk their jobs for nothing!? Of course the coaches are morons for going there, but it didn’t happen over nothing.

  • lyndia

    What these kids was not right. The two coaches, if they brought those thugs to the boy”s house, they should be FIRED QUICK, FAST AND IN A HURRY. Why were the coaches there in the first place? Did they know a child da@@ near got his life taken? Bozo brain, how do you know if any of these kids were gang bangers?

    • Lyndia

      I wish to publicly apologize on behalf of the African-American nation. I am so ashamed of my people and of myself, please forgive us.

      • Keyshawn Demarious Washington

        Ok, Ok, Lyndia, we get it. your shame is understandable and your apology is noted. Sorry to say though, your people deserve no sympathy, their actions are reprehensible. Hopefully at some point they will all se the light as you have. Just remember, the truth will set you free.

      • Master Yoda

        Lyndia, it is splendid to see you have defected from the dark side of the force. Use the force to heal your shame, it will be a difficult road, but your public apology is the first step toward becoming a full Jedi. May the force be with you!!!

    • Lyndia

      I am ashamed of my people for acting this way and moreso i am ashamed of myself.

      • Shataniana Simmons

        I’m glad to see you have finally come around, Lyndia. The black racist babble you have spewed for months was very pathetic. Thanks for finally seeing the light and taking responsibility. Realizing your shame is the first step toward recovery. There’s not much you can do about the behavior of your people though, sorry.

      • Tamica

        Why would you be ashamed of yourself? Did you commit these crimes? Work on your self esteem, honey & educate yourself on your history. You have PLENTY to be proud of. Don’t let these ignorant people tell you who you are or that this s what you come from!

  • Tom

    I want to see criminal charges against the coaches. Or an investigation by the Attorney General as to who’s covering this up in the face of so much violence within the CPS.

  • In the thick of it

    Didn’t know the CPS hired brutal thugs instead of role models who are to mentor the kids.

    Instead, these jerks treat the kids like pit bulls.

    Hope they serve a lot of jail time. Stupid losers.

  • Hey

    To the person who left the last message under “Lyndia”: Obviously, the real Lyndia did not leave that message and if we’re going to make postings, it’s not cool to pretend you’re another person and use their name. Besides, the real Lyndia would never take responsibility, so we know better. Thank you.

    • Lyndia


      I have seen the light and can no longer remain silent.

  • CFLC

    Just one of a million stories at Fenger High. Be patient, in a few days, maybe they can blame the mayor or a beat cop.

  • ChicagoMom

    Insanity. If the coaches didn’t drive the kids to fight, then why the heck were they at this boy’s house? Gimme a break. . It’s sad that kids want to fight but even sadder that adults are encouraging & facilitating it. I can’t imagine how this boy can possibly return to school – he’ll be jumped for sure

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  • nancy

    Raise the standrds in athletic programs of CP”S. Hire teachers to coach not people off the streets.

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