Mayor Emanuel Cracks Down On City Employee Debts

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel is cracking down on city workers who haven’t paid their old parking tickets and other debts.

In a news release Tuesday, the mayor said the city will begin enforcing disciplinary actions against the city employees who owe a total of about $3 million in debt from parking tickets, fines, water bills and other fees.

“I am creating a culture of accountability in City government and it simply is not acceptable that City employees have $3 million in outstanding debt owed to Chicago’s taxpayers,” the mayor said in a news release.

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The Mayor’s office points out that under the Municipal Code, it is illegal for any city department or sister agency to owe debt to the city.

As of now, employees have between one week and 30 days to pay outstanding debts in full, or agree to a payroll deduction that can last up to a year, the Mayor’s office said.

Under the crackdown, all employees must pay their debt or enter a payroll deduction plan by Oct. 31. If they do not, they will be punished, with the severity of their penalty depending on how much debt they owe.

Any city employee who is still neglecting a debt of $1,000 or more by Oct. 31 will be fired. Employees with debts of $500 to $1,000 will be suspended for 29 days, those with debts of $250 to $500 will get 15 days, and those with debts below $250 will get 10 days.

Meanwhile, the city departments of Revenue and Law will move to begin deducting involuntarily from the paychecks of the most egregious city employee deadbeats, the mayor’s office said.

The Department of Law has the largest percentage of employees with debt, with 18 percent of its 50 staff members owing the city. Among sister agencies, the CTA ranks at the top, with 20.4 percent of its 10,279 employees owing debt to the city.

For total amounts of debt, Police Department employees owe the most, at $326,646, although only 7.1 percent of the 13,793 officers and other department employees owe the city any debt. The Board of Education owes the most among sister agencies, with $1,074,829 owed by 6.5 percent of its 48,796 employees.

  • Dylan

    How come this guy gets it, and the rest of the political idiots don’t? Rahm is going to do more for Chicago in one term than Daley did his entire career. Daley should be in jail with the rest of his cohorts for all the corruption and mismanagement of our tax dollars. Daley only got in because of his old man – just like the other loser Stroger.

  • Chivi

    Could not have said it better!! Funny how years back when I went to apply for a City job one of the requirements was that in order to be eliglble for a City job you must not owe the City any money. City employees used to walk on water. Now they are drowning!! Get rid of the bad apples!!

  • Chivi

    Yep!! Just this past weekend I caught a woman dumping garbage in a city lot. I had been keeping a watch cause I wanted to catch the person responsible. I called 911 the officer came out gave her a warning and told her to pick up the garbage. She comes in front of my house and screams to me “you called 911 on me” I said yes I did. Stop dumping garbage! She said “just watch I work for the City. She works for the City of Chicago!!! Boy was I scared!!!! I told her “honey you just lost your job now get out of my face”!!!

  • Henry Bowman

    ………of the 13,793 officers …………

    What universe did they pull this number out of? Not Ours…………

    Very poor reporting………..

  • Mike Corleone

    I LIKE this guy. He knows all his people are businessman. So be businesslike…or snooze with the seafood.

  • Marlena James

    I like this new mayor, accountability and transparency, yes yes yes

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