Williams: ‘Cowley Is A Liar’

(CBS) For those not familiar with the Kenny Williams-Joe Cowley saga, here’s the reader’s digest version:

Williams does not like Cowley.

So when Cowley, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist and 670 The Score contributor, wrote a column in Friday morning’s paper that exposed pitching coach Don Cooper as “Judas” to former manager Ozzie Guillen, Williams snapped.

“Completely unfair, number 1, because Don Cooper was a large part of making us a successful organization and helping us win a world championship,” Williams said on WGN-TV Friday. “His area has been one of the most consistent areas in all of baseball for the last 10 years so I think it’s unfair to him and it’s just wrong.

“But I’m not surprised because the gentlemen who wrote the article, Joe Cowley, is just simply, if I’m being honest, a liar. And I can prove it from multiple, multiple articles that he’s written and I’m looking into it actually to a greater degree because it has gotten to the point to where it has cast a shadow on us and it’s unfair to a lot of people.”

In his column Friday, Cowley wrote the following:

According to a major-league source, Cooper sidestepped Guillen — and the rest of the coaching staff — in June, going directly to Williams to beg for an extension. Cooper was breaking protocol because Williams had publicly stated two years before that the coaches’ fates were in Guillen’s hands.

And why would Williams want to retain Cooper, who got an un-Sox-like four-year extension? The feeling among the coaches was that Cooper was all too eager to share with Williams what was being said about the GM and club on a daily basis.

Cowley also wrote that Guillen went to Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf in July to fight for extension for his staff, but was told Cooper was already working on his. That’s when he “checked out”.

And, according to the report, when Cooper became the manager for the last two games of the season, Guillen wrote Cooper a text that said: “You finally got what you wanted.”

Cowley quickly took to Twitter to respond:

  • Denver Deadite

    If Ditka wants to spit on anybody, it should be Cowley for his man-love of Guillen.

    It’s way past time for Cowley to go back for a refresher in Journalism Ethics 101.

    • Spoon

      I hear that the University of Miami has great course offering for that…

  • Johnny Parsehouse

    Whatever the facts, KW gets cujos for using “liar” instead of the weasel word “disingenuous.” I hope he’s not required to apologize to The Falsehood Community.

  • Louie Jaeger

    Cowley’s becoming a real ass-hat. Hey Joe why don’t you start giving up the sources of your “stories”. Then you’d be the irrelevant one.

  • Spoon

    Becoming? Apparently you’ve missed his writing and interviews for the last several years…

  • Sophist

    If everybody knew all along that Coop was Kenny’s spy, then they probably would have stopped talking around him. Coop’s been with the org a long, long time. Longer than Ozzie. Why hitch your wagon to his star, a manager on the way out. Typical Cowley: not really making stuff up, but telling it slant.

  • Godfella

    With all this drama finally coming to light, its no wonder why we had such a disappointing season. I hope they can all get past the “days of our lives” and have a great 2012 season with Ventura steering the south side ship.

  • Don Merkle

    You chumb’s believe all that you read and hear…that is what the scribes want you to do..the worst is The Dud Philly Rogers (Trib) and 2nd worst is Rickery the Rogue man Morrissey.(Sun-Times)..they love to beat on anything derogatory about the WhiteSox.Complete sceptics all the time.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      What the hell is a chumb?

  • Don Merkle

    And any of you that think Cooper has to beg for an extenstion..you are delusional..Coop could hook on any team he wanted to. Boston would love to have Coop as would other teams. No Coop doesn’t need to beg on.

  • Donald Wilson

    I totally agree Don, I totally agree!

  • Tom in Campbellsport

    Kenny Should have gotten the axe this year along with Ozzie. As far as Coop is concerned I think he protests to much.

    These have been the worst moves the Sox have made since they made Hawk the GM in the 80’s

    God save the Sox because the three stooges (Kenny, Coop and Robin) are not capable of it.

  • Seth

    Joe Cowardly is a weasel. His columns are classles garbage. Coop was right in calling the Sun-Times a rag. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy in Cowardly.

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