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GROBBER  Oct 12,2011
***Robin Ventura was introduced to the Chicago Media,and what was interesting was that Kenny Williams confirmed that he considered hring Paul Konerko as Player-Manager. The last Sox(or even Chicago)Player Manager was Don Kessinger in 1979,but he did not last that season,giving way to Tony LaRussa.
***Reports continue to run rampid that Theo Epstein is about to leave the Red Sox and become the Cubs new Boss Man. If that’s true,than whom does Epstein bring in as Cub Manager.And how much power would Epstein receive? Hopefully,complete control.
***The Bears host Minnesota this coming Sunday evening. Which Viking team will show up? Former Bear CB Leslie Frazier returns as Vikes Head Coachmand Chicagoan Donavan McNabb will be back in Soldier Field,where he led Mt.Carmel to a Pro Bowl Title back in the day.

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