Teen Girls Missing From Humboldt Park Homes

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help in finding two teenage girls who vanished from the Humboldt Park neighborhood this past weekend.

Jules Rolan, 15, and Yazmin Rodriguez, 17, both disappeared after leaving their homes about 6:30 p.m. Saturday and were last seen together, according to alerts released by Grand Central Area detectives.

Rolan, of the 1700 block of North Sawyer Avenue, is described as a 5-foot-2, 93-pound Hispanic girl with hazel eyes, reddish-brown hair and a light complexion, according to the alert. She has a mole above the left side of her lip and was last seen wearing a red tank top, blue jeans and black and red Jordan gym shoes.

Rodriguez, of the 1800 block of North Kimball Avenue, is described as a 5-foot-4, 114-pound Hispanic girl with brown eyes, auburn hair and a light complexion, the release said. She was last seen wearing a black tank top, gray jeans, black and gray Jordan gym shoes and was carrying a Hello Kitty purse.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts should contact detectives at (312) 746-8365 or (312) 746-8282.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Elroy Tate

    I agree Mr. Magoo, that would not be good at all. I also hope they come home ok.

  • Roberta Waker

    They are cute, both wearing tank tops makes me wonder how sexy they looked for someone to take advantage of them. It doesn’t take much to set off a pervert if young girls look too sexy, which is how most teenagers dress these days. Hope they find the girls and they are ok.

    • Rob

      Regardless you f’ing ideot they were kidnapped. that is still wrong no matter what the f they were wearing. smh. f is wrong with you people.

      • Jimbo

        @Rob, I very highly doubt they were kidnapped. They are most likely runaways. By the way, where the hell did you go to school? Your grammer is pathetic!!

  • tyler

    ,maybe is a dirty porkchop

    • Ned

      What the hell are you talking about? I think you are on the wrong story, no pork chops here.

  • josh

    ,maybe is a dirty porkchop bunch of pervs

    • Ned

      Josh, you and your buddy are on the wrong story. We have no pork chops for you.

      • Enrique

        No pork chops here Josh go find something to do ….hope these girls get home safe

  • logan75

    Lord please protect these girls and be with them in spirit so they realize home is where they should be. There parents are worried sick about them. Please have compassion for the family we don’t know there story so please do not judge.

  • YAYA


    • speak up yaya

      if you know something then speak up YAYA. You know soo is what you comment

    • HaHaHaHa

      @YAYA, Where the hell did you go to school? I hope you speak better than you write.


    Jules, this is ur aunt talking you have the whole family going crazy looking for you, come home ur bro Miah is crying for you where is my sister is she is lost outside,,,, your mother is havin a hard time keepin her head up high, nd staying strong. plz come back home….. Ur aunt

    • Linda Munoz

      I hope she comes home soon! Jules was always messing around but i know shes not doing it to make you guys suffer. Im sorry /;

    • greicycastillo

      hi layla, are you joannes sister? this is Greicy joannes old friend from bensenville! I cant believe this is happening, i really want to talk to joanne and i wish you guys can contact me my email is greicycastillo@yahoo.com, thanks!

  • commonsense

    they’re probably just smoking a blunt reading this

  • anynomous

    so this is what these girls do wen theyre supposed to be MISSING?

  • michael love

    bad girls need to straiten up!

  • millie r.

    I pray these girls are Alright. May God bless them and keep them frm harm. Also pray for their family may God give them the strength to get through this dark time. God Bless u girls and ur families.

  • mj

    layla have joanna email me i hope she makes it home safe… jjvld@hotmail.com

  • Juanita Valdez

    Joanne this is Juanita from bensenville (Jane’s aunt). I just heard about your daughter missing, I hope she is fine and may god keep her & her friend safe. If you need anything ask mary jane for my number ; I am here for you & your family. I hope she makes it home soon ! My prayers are with you.

  • alissha

    i hope jules is ok man she needs to get a way to go home nd yazmin to always will remmeber u guyz be much safer

  • G.G

    hope girls are safe

  • Yaya

    Im praying for these young ladies as well may god b with dem nd they’re families may god keep dem safe nd help dem find their way home lord watch over these girl nd please keep them outta harms way … To their families god bless goodluck nd i hope you find them ….

  • kayla

    jules whereever you are we miss you at school your mom is going crazy looking for you im making sighns i noe your mom is to yazmin idk that well but jules would talk about you in school your her best friend plz come home ladys
    to jules mom were here for you ijules is like my little sister and she meands alot to me because i would keep her away from drama in school. keep your head up to both mothers in this case were here helping jules i love you

  • Bella Dixon

    Have the young girls been found as of today? I dont know the girls but I am praying for them and their family.

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