Sisters Charged With Attacking Girl At Rogers Park School

Updated 10/13/11 – 4:06 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two teenage sisters have been charged with battery and suspended from school after viciously beating a classmate in school last week, in an assault captured on cell phone video.

Chicago police said that Sara Mejorado, 17, and Aurelia Mejorado, 18, were charged with misdemeanor battery.

The teenagers are charged with attacking a classmate during biology class last Thursday at Roger C. Sullivan High School, 6631 N. Bosworth Av.

As CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, an argument in the virtual world might have led up to this very real fight.

According to police reports, the sisters pulled the victim from her chair while the three were sitting in biology class on Oct. 6. The reports said the girls began to punch the teen in the face and body. The video, captured on a cell phone, was more graphic.


In the video, the victim is seen trying to fend off the two sisters as they pull her hair and hit her repeatedly in the head. At one point, one of the sisters begins throwing the victim around and appears to slam her head into a table.

The 14-year-old victim suffered bruises, but police said she wasn’t seriously hurt. She did return to school on Thursday.

It was clear from the video of the attack that the victim could do little against the two sisters who have been charged with the attack.

At one point, a woman tries to intervene in the attack, but then backs away.

“No one deserves to get hit like that. No one deserves to get beat up like that,” classmate Mominatu Boog said.

“She couldn’t defend herself,” classmate David Navarro said. “Two people against one. What can you do?”

The sisters told police they hit the victim because she “had called one of the offenders a name” in class.

Classmates said otherwise.

“You know how they get into arguments through Facebook?” Navarro said. “That, like, revolves up into school.

A Chicago Public Schools spokesperson confirmed the two sisters have been suspended and face further discipline in the attack.

“Chicago Public Schools does not tolerate violence among students in any way. The two students involved in this incident have been suspended from school with further discipline pending,” CPS spokeswoman Marielle Sainvilus said in an email.

CPS also said it will take any actions needed to make sure schools are a safe environment for learning.

Students at Sullivan also weighed in on the disciplinary action against the sisters.

“If they’re coming to school to fight people like that, they shouldn’t be in school,” Boog said. “Obviously, their intent isn’t to be educated.”

  • Zee

    Why weren’t they expelled? That would have sent a bigger message not to assault people. I bet the two girls parents will make excuses for their daughters vile behavior.

  • sean

    are those honor roll students?

  • bought and paid for,the media that is!

    its all the parents fault,why would anyone want to be a chicago public school teacher?

  • Chivi

    These idiots remind me of some bullies when I was in school. I had to learn how to defend myself in order to survive. It’s disgusting and the parents are well aware. Some of them are actually proud of these types of idiots. And it’s true!! They are haters! just look at them!! I bet they get angrier and angrier every time they look in the mirror!!

    • Jenny

      I also would be angry looking in the mirror if I were even half as ugly as these two!!

  • Jose Rodriguez Doritos

    These nasty fat ass pig sisters were probably jealous of the more shapely girl. They should be expelled and setenced to the max jail time possible. The parents in CERTAIN communities have failed to teach their kids any class. It is truly pathetic!!!

  • K. Lynn

    This is some of the most uncalled for racist banter. As of right now you don’t know anything other than the names of the girls, so why are you stereotyping and ASSuming that they are illegal? These girls regardless of race or legal status should be expelled for beating someone up at school. Why start making a mountain out of a mole hill when not needed. The girls should be charged and expelled for their violent act!

    • Allen

      Hi, K.Lynn, I don’t see any referance to anyone’s immigration status or anything racial in these comments. Are you OK?

      • Chill

        I agree Allen. I see nothing racial here in the comments. We are all made as hell about the actions of some who beleive violence is the solution. And, this is a mountain. This young lady will carry this attack with her for life.

  • Chill

    Every time I see the this clip I get so angry. They should prosecute these two to the fullest extent the law will allow and permanently banned from schools nationwide. Jose is right. This is a reflection on the parents and society as a whole. If you watch it there was one guy cheering briefly in the background. This is unacceptable !!!

  • franklin800

    Why would anyone send their kid to CPS? The whole city is a cesspool.

  • James Kressel

    Another day, another fight amongst minorities. I swear the black and latin communities do nothing to stand up and speak out against the crazy brutality that occurs in their communities. No wonder blacks and the hispanic communities test so much lower than whites and asians. Instead of spending their time studying in school, they waste their time fighting and killing one another. You people need to wake up!

    • El Guapo

      Congrats! You are the first id*ot to bring race into this when it has nothing to do with it? Should we talk about bloody hazing that happened in 2003 in a Northbrook forest preserve by teenage girls? If i remember they were all white and from an upper class upbringing? Perhaps the recent videos of a mother and father egging on their kids into a schoolyard fight with other kids? They were white too? So what’s their excuse? I think you may have to separate your head from your rectum.

      • Anglo-Saxon

        @El Guapo, I just knew some moron would bring up some old crimes commited by whites. You sound as f***ing stupid as Lyndia. You can not compare the immence amount of violence within minority communities to the predominately white communities. There is simply no comparison!!!

  • Nancy

    Why are 17 and 18 year olds in class with a 14 year old?. Why don’t news media ask these type of questions so that CPS could give some accountability?.

    • Lyndia

      Nancy, I was thinking the same thing myself. However, CPS is not accountable, they never have been nor will they every be. They pack every body in the same rooms regardless of age, mental capabilities or behavior and the teacher is expected to teach them all, which clearly is impossible. I am wondering why the teacher did not call for security on the PA system. That would have been the correct thing to do..

    • Shadaie

      That is not at all uncommon. The two fat pig sisters were probably taking a required freshman class that they have repeatedly failed before.

  • Rose

    Since this happened at the Chicago Public schools i’m sure that the 17&18 yr olds beat the 14 yr old due to the fact that they’ve probably been in that bio class for eternity and got tired and needed to take the anger out on someone.

  • Candy Candy

    I hope the parent send these two grown women to jail jumping on a 14 year old kid. They are beating her because she is small and cute and they are big fat sloppy and miserable. I am glad my daughter doesn’t go to this school and the media need to remove this video this is humiliation for the 14 year old girl… soo sadd…

    • Kevonte

      I’m sure their parents either don’t care or they are defending them. Discipline is non-existant in many families in CERTAIN communities!!

  • El Guapo

    I have one important question…WHERE IS THE TEACHER??! What about the clown in the background cheering them on…

  • Jennie

    It is lucky that a kid had a cell phone is class and not talking on it as they usually do. If this was not recorded, it would have been swept under the rug as all the discipline issues are. This event is just a SMALL illustration of what occurs EVERYDAY IN CPS. I know you do not believe it. You want to believe that children come to school everyday ready, wiling, and able to learn and the teachers are not teaching them. That is what politicians, preachers, “education experts” etc. want you to believe but people THAT IS NOT TRUE. I hate to say this but many (but not all) of the children that attend CPS act like WILD animals and their main purpose of coming to school is to destroy and disrupt. There parents are no better. When or (if) they come to school to see about the little stupid jack a@@ they gave birth to, they immediately begin taking the side of their rotten kid and blaming the teacher or the other students. I have several family members that are teachers. I talk to them every evening and the tales they tell are crazy. These schools are out of control and have been for a long time. No one listens to the teacher when they talk about discipline, poor curricuum, horrible princapals, lazy students, a lack of resources etc. I had a sister that was working at a school on the southside and the principal made her staff give her 35.00 for Xmas. She also has padded her attendance and has a dead girl onher attendance list. The school board and the legal team has refused to investigate this principal.

  • jeff davis

    These sgar cane pickers need their fat Jamaican assses horsewhipped.


    The difference is a lot of REAL parents work two and three jobs to send their children to private schools to keep their children safe from these out of control bullies.They forgo the BMWs ,Lexuses,42 in. TV’s ,bling fur coats to at least try to raise their children the right way.

  • CFLC

    Under the Chicago Democratic Model, developed through years of hard work, under the Daley School of Deep Pockets and Opportunity, these young ladies will be rewarded Honor Student status and given the opportunity to attack again.
    This is why there are private schools.

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  • Dylan

    Everyone is that room who saw this, plus the wimpy no back bone teacher should all be punished and the teacher fired minus benefits.

    Where is Jesse Jackson now? Probably drinking beer at the families distributorship.

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