Surveillance Images Show Truck That Killed Waukegan Woman: Police

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (CBS) – Waukegan police are looking for a truck captured in surveillance images that is believed to have fatally struck a 73-year-old woman Thursday evening.

Pilar Ponce died at the hospital after she was struck by a vehicle at Grand Avenue and Pine Street shortly before 8 p.m.

Police say the vehicle — a light-colored Chevy with a cap over the bed and a roof rack and ladder –- went around the block after it struck Pilar and parked in a nearby business.

What happened next is almost hard to believe, but it was all captured on camera. Two men exited the truck and casually walked over to the street where bystanders surrounded Ponce.

“She closed her eyes, she can’t talk,” witness Amer Musleh, whose liquor store had cameras rolling, told CBS 2’s Mai Martinez.

Ponce later died at to Condell Medical Center.

Musleh says when he reviewed the store’s video he was disturbed to see two of the men who had been beside him on the street walking back to the truck that is believed to have hit Ponce. The vehicle drove away.

Those who knew Ponce are hoping the men in the truck will come forward so her family can have closure.

“This is a human life that we’re talking about, and they deserve better than that. You don’t walk away from things like that,” Sixto Robles, Jr. says.

Waukegan police say the cap and ladders may have been removed from the truck at this point. The driver’s side front hood area is damaged.   

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact Lt. Edward Fitzgerald at (847) 599-2631 or via e-mail at

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  • Janet

    Why don’t they show the video?! Perhaps someone can recognize one of the men.

  • Bill S.

    Low-life SOB’s. Maybe someone will run your mother(s) over.

  • Larry

    Not another case of someone walking out into the roadway without looking both ways? The family doesn’t need to see someone arrested to have closure, that’s BS. The lady caused her own demise by walking out into traffic.

  • Larry

    It’s no wonder that so many people leave the scene, the driver, who was driving along minding their own business, is just as much a victim . The driver is always made out to be the bad guy, even when they are not at fault!!!

    • Alex

      I agree 100%, Larry. The video clearly shows it was the pedestrian’s fault. People do like to see a head on the platter when this happens. I can understand if the driver was at fault, but how will his arrest give the family closure? What if she just fell and hit her head? Would closure then be unobtainable?

    • Eddie

      You must be the guy who did it … right? Turn yourself in.

      • Larry

        No, I am not the guy who did it, but I read these stories all the time and the careless pedestrian is never considered to be responsible for their actions! Who is going to pay for the damage to the truck, caused by a careless person?

  • Linda

    Looks to me like the truck parked next to this truck in the parking lot may also have knowledge of the men involved. Whoever is exiting the second truck seems to know the driver and passenger in the suspected truck.

    • Kerry

      Who cares, it’s not like the guy drove up onto the sidewalk and hit her, that would make it his fault.

      • Eddie

        Yeah, the guy hit her. Even if it was her fault the driver is an @hole for driving off leaving her bloodied in the street. What man does that to a woman? Probably beats his wife, too.

  • Anna

    I know this spot. Driving at night on Grand there are so many people walking around. As for that liquor store on Grand, have you seen that spot at night? There are at least 6 to 8 crackheads standing outside. This is WAUKEGAN. Driving down that spot at night I have almost hit a person too. People just walk into the road like nothing.

  • cole

    The driver is NOT a low life, and turned himself in last night. You dont know any of the people involved, and have no right to talk down on him.

    • Bill S.

      Yeah? Where does it say in this article that he turned himself in?

      • cole

        because ive known this person my entire life, and i find it really offensive for people to talk down on him. hes a good kid and always has been. its one thing to comment on the situation, and its another to just be straight rude.

  • Tom

    C’mon folks. This should be an easy one to solve. Talk about a truck that stands out. Someone knows the truck and the occupants. It’s a no brainer for someone. Call the cops or go to hell with the driver.

    • Ray

      The accident seems to have been the fault of the woman. Why then do you people see it as being neccesary for this guy to be arrested? It wasn’t his fault. He probably left the scene to keep from being prosecuted for someone else’s carelessness. If the old geezer walked out in front of a moving train, would you want the engineer arrested?

      • Bill S.

        He left the scene … it’s a CRIME to leave the scene of an accident.!

  • cole

    and for all you know it could have been the passenger coxing him to leave. i see he was in the wrong for leaving and coming back, but he still admitted to it and turned himself in. people react differently during shock. as for you making comments calling him a low life and that their mothers should be ran over, that just proves even more how ignorant you are.

    • Bill S.

      Go back to school and learn how to capitalize the beginning of your sentences … or maybe your shift key is broke.

      • cole

        grow up

  • Mary

    Unless you were there you have NO IDEA what was going through the mind of the driver. At that moment perhaps he was unaware that he hit her. Until all the information is collected outsiders should not speculate what happened. The pedestrian was in dark attire & it is likely that they could not easily been seen in the rain until it was to late. Don’t be so quick to judge that the driver “drove off & left the scene” & did not contact the police. It was a tragic accident which the driver has to live with for the rest of their life…News media has a way of slanting a story for ratings.

  • Anna

    Take a look at ABC news video. They say that she was known by the customers and employees of the alcohol store.What does that say? She may be nice and dandy but if you are well known for getting booze then we can put the puzzle together. And drive by that alcohol store at night. take a look at the drug dealers by the pile – the people walking up and down.

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  • Bill S.

    He did NOT turn himself in. His neighbor called the cops on him. He’s still a moron.

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