Experts: Illinois Nation’s Worst At Paying Bills

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Experts say Illinois appears to be the worst state in the country when it comes to paying bills late.

Illinois regularly lets several billion dollars of bills stack up. Businesses and community groups sometimes wait months to be paid for their services.

Many states slow down payments when money is tight, but it has become the status quo in Illinois.

The Council of State Governments says it doesn’t know of any other state that matches Illinois’ backlog, which topped $5 billion last month.

And an expert with the Urban Institute think tank says Illinois wins the prize for worst in the country.

An Urban Institute survey in 2009 found that more non-profit groups reported late payments in Illinois than in any other state.

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  • LOTD

    And yet this c@ck suc ker of a state pounds it’s citizens with every f-ing late fee imaginable!!!

  • Roy

    Great going Quin, another 1st place ranking for you, you dumb p.o.s!

  • tom Sharp

    Sorry, Quinn is busy fighting with Madigan over the patronage scholarship scam. They can’t be bothered with stinking bills!


    Public servants should pay their fair share!

    Presently state government and other pensions are not taxable in Illinois. Start taxing only the government pensions in Illinois. This would include School and Government employees. Any one receiving a pension that originates from taxed dollars either from income tax or property taxes in the state would be subject to this tax. The tax would be an excise tax on their pensions. It would have to be taken out at the time they are issued the check to be able to keep the money in Illinois. It could be similar to the way the Federal Government treats Social Security. The Federal government has concluded that an average worker has only contributed 15% of the pension benefits so they tax up to 85% of what is given. Illinois can figure out the same equation and it might be 90% and in some cases 100% taxable. The tax could be tiered based on how much they receive. If they receive 60,000 to 80,000 they pay 5% tax, 80,000 to 100,000 they pay 10% tax, 100,000 to 200,000 they can pay 20% tax, 200,000 and up they can pay 30% or something like this. Illinois would take it out of their payment before it is issued because some of these recipients have and will move out of the state to retire. Since the money is an excise tax the money could go back into the state to pay their debts. This will not be enough to get us out of debt but it would be an immediate way of raising funds overnight.
    A vote like this in Springfield would be proof that our state senators are really there for the people and not for themselves.

    Take back America and the state of Illinois.

    • dennis

      is it time for the taxpayers to visit springfield? the only issue is the winter is on it’s way.
      i have a hard time with this whole thing. we have one of the highest paid govenors in the nation that is the incompetent leader of the whole bunch of them. he has cut programs for those in NEED & then takes pride in the fact that they are spending 150 million on a rehab job on the statehouse. this is just 1 example. the thinking by our lawmakers is tainted. i cannot believe that the taxpayers & voters have allow this to happen. keep voting in these democrats & this is the end result. this applies to the cities & counties as well. this issue is going to take decades to clear up.
      bottom line is that i agree with POPO as well as the other comments, but his suggestion will not happen at least in my time. we are on the brink of beining sucked into a black whole in the heavens.

  • JB

    this state is run by liberal democrats and just like their supporters, they don’t want to pay for what they get.

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