Dorian Recalls ‘Nightmare’ Of Being Wrongly Charged As ‘Honeybee Killer’

CHICAGO (CBS) — He was thrown in jail, accused of being the “Honeybee Killer.” Now, he’s fighting back.

Brian Dorian is now suing Will County for $10 million for being wrongly arrested and charged with another man’s crimes. He vented his frustration on Tuesday in an exclusive interview with CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole.

He said he provided police with an alibi, but that authorities did not check that alibi before charging him.

“When someone waives their rights to an attorney and talks to you and gives you their alibi and what they were doing, you don’t charge somebody with murder without even looking into their alibi,” Dorian said.

A sense of injustice still haunts Dorian.

Last October, the so called “Honeybee Killer” went on a two-state shooting spree, killing one man. Dorian, a Lynwood police officer, was brought in for questioning by Will County authorities, charged with murder and held for four days.

“It was rough. It was harder knowing the first time I talked to my family and them saying how the media was just everywhere. Now I know, then, that this is a nightmare,” Dorian said. “Talking to my family on the phone, hearing my 10-year-old niece can’t even get on the phone, because she’s crying; she couldn’t say nothing to me. And all because, why? I don’t know. Those answers are what I am seeking.”

Dorian’s friends and family actively rallied to his side and, when evidence from his own computer and receipts reveled he was nowhere near the shootings, Will County dropped the charges.

“I feel horrible that Brian Dorian went through this and I certainly would apologize for any inconvenience he has suffered,” Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said after charges were dropped.

“I remember seeing him tell the world that it was an inconvenience, what I went through; it was inconvenience what my family went through, my friends, supporters,” Dorian said. “That’s his definition? What I went through is an inconvenience?”

Dorian filed a federal lawsuit last week, claiming his arrest was based on information that was coerced and influenced from one of the victims who ran from the killer. That victim gave a physical description of the gunman and the truck used in the killings, but Dorian’s suit claims those descriptions didn’t match him.

The suit also claims the victim was unduly influenced by sheriff’s officers and Will County prosecutors to speculate that Dorian was the gunman.

But Dorian said he doesn’t believe he’s the only victim of being falsely accused of the shootings.

Last December, Gary Amaya terrorized an Orland Park tanning salon. Customer Jason McDaniel wrestled his gun away, shooting him dead. Authorities said they later determined Amaya was the actual “Honeybee Killer.”

“It’s my opinion that an apology is owed to Jason McDaniel and those girls, because they were put in harm’s way. Somebody owes them an apology,” Dorian said.

He is once again on the beat in Lynwood, a path to recovery he takes day by day.

Asked if it was easy to step back into his old life after he was released from jail, Dorian said, “No, no. My feeling towards law enforcement has completely been turned upside down.”

“You have this vision of the badge standing for honor and helping people. … I had the same vision … for almost 14 years, this is all I’ve known,” Dorian added. “It’s hard when I go into a courtroom for court when it’s job related. It’s hard every day just putting on the uniform and going to work.”

A Will County spokesperson reiterated Tuesday night what was said after the suit was originally filed last week: that the investigation was conducted in good faith and followed the full letter of the law.

Dorian feels otherwise.

  • Just Axin

    These clowns in Will County are some of the most incompetent idiots around. Almost makes Cook County look legit.

  • Ar Davis

    So Dorian got treated pretty much like every other citizen in America these days. Tough luck.

    The legal system in Americas is out of control. Lawyers run amuck, “justice” has nothing to do with anything except winning, DAs prosecute based on public opinion as often as evidence, and the feds trample rights like a kid in a tadpole pool.

    The cops are the foundation of this whole horribly corrupt system gone awry. For Dorian to file a suit just because he got treated like thousands of other “perps” makes me laugh, and cry, at the hypocrisy.

    I’ve got no sympathy for his BS. If he wants sympathy, let him resign from the cops, get a ghost writer and a lawyer, and come clean with what he knows about how the system operates.

    He’s not mad because his rights have been violated. He’s mad because he wasn’t treated the same as other corrupt, privileged, protected cops in the system. Maybe that means he’s a good cop; maybe it just means he’s a jerk. Either way, his only way out is to come clean. He’s not gonna get any hush money out of the system; they’ll destroy him first.

    • Tom

      Hey, Davis. I hope you are falsely charged with the murder and rape of your mother and sentenced to death.

  • rectory

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    If he gets his $10 million for his 2 days or so of fame,it’s a good hourly wage in these tough economic times.With $10 million maybe he can make a donation to the family of the innocent young man he killed on 394 in Crete and walked away free. He doesn’t have any guilt over that injustice does he?Will county is run by clowns and this guy is just of the same ilk.

    • and justice for all

      Mr. Dorian isn’t the guy you think he is. He suffered after that accident just as much as that family. But the fact is, it was an accident!! The family obviously just can’t get over it and the connections they have within Will County didn’t get them the results they expected. So who is of the same ilk? The family has so much hatred and anger toward Mr. Dorian. It was so evident in their slanderous speech. The family had their day in court with a civil lawsuit. They were justly compensated. No one wins in a situation like this, but pestering someone years after really solves nothing. It’s called forgiveness.

  • Tom Smith

    There is nothing in this country worse than overzealous police and prosecuters. I hope this guy gets a jackpot settlement. First of all, he is a cop and deserved the benefit of the doubt. Secondly, he isn’t even black. His alibi should have been checked thouroughly before an arrest was made!!!


    I’m surprised he hasn’t filed suit against family members of the young man killed in the accident on 394. The statements made by those family members and friens of the young man after the misguided arrest last year were clearly defamatory and would certainly put them at risk of severe financial consequences for slander.

    • and justice for all

      He certainly should consider suing them. That family was so vocal when the media was around and the cameras were rolling, but once Mr. Dorian was exonerated they have gone into seclusion. They thought they had a following of Dorian haters at the time of this arrest. They are no better than Glasgow and Kaupas. Will county suits them well.

      • Stitch Jones

        I also agree, those sh!t balls are no better than the Drew Petersen haters!!!

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