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GROBBER—Oct 18,2011==================
***What is really going on between Lovie Smith(Mike Martz?)and Chris Harris? Is the Bears Safety being unfairly singled out for a poor effort by the defense against Detroit last week? Lovie appear’s to hold grudges, just ask Alex Brown. Lovie denies that the benching of Harris was a punishment for his tweeting. That said, Hub Arkush feels that Harris might be cut any day.If that happens,you’ll know that Lovie Smith is angry at Harris for reasons other than a poor performance in Detroit last week.
***Are the Bears doing the right,or wrong thing in waiting until the end of the week to take the eight hour flight to London. Tampa Bay arrived late Monday and will spend most of the week there getting used to the time difference(six hour from Chicago and five from Tampa).Guess if the Bears win Sunday, you will be able to say they did the right thing,but if the Buccaneers prevail,it will be an oppinon that going early was the correct thing.
***This will be the Bears first ever REGULAR SEASON overseas game. They did however have a Regular Season game on foreign soil-Toronto vs the Buffalo Bills last year.But on four occasions,the Bears played Pre Season games over the pound. 1986,the beat Dallas in London, 1988 the Bears lost to the Vikings in Gothernberg,Sweden, in 1991 the Bears lost to San Francisco in Berlin,Germany, and in 1997 the Bears lost to the Steelers in Dublin,Ireland.

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