(CBS) Apparently, Brandon Meriweather is getting sick of the NFL taking money out of his paycheck for illegal hits.

After receiving two separate fines this seasons, Meriweather said the NFL is going too far with its policing of player hits.

“They teach you growing up that you’ve got to be violent and put the fear of God in people, but when you get to the league that you’ve been dreaming about your whole life, they tell you to change your game 100 percent or get money taken from you,” Meriweather told Sports Illustrated in the magazine’s Oct. 24 issue.

“I try lowering my target zone, but if you have a receiver who’s 5-8, it’s still going to be a helmet-to-helmet collision. How do you avoid that when you’re running full speed?”

Meriweather has received a total of $45,000 in fines so far this season.


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