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GROBBER—Oct 20,2011
***With the Cubs and Red Sox still bickering back and forth over the ‘compensation for Theo Epstein’ stuff, not comes word that if this continues,that Commissioner Bud Selig plans to get involved to ‘force’ a quicker settlement. It’s great that the Commish is interested,but he needs to stay the hell out of these talks. It’s basically none of his business. But don’t tell him that!
***A.J.Pierzynski and Eric Karros were very good in their roles on Fox’s coverage of Game one of the World Series in St.Louis Wednesday night. Pretty neat to have a current White Sox Catcher and a former Cub. Reminds me of two years ago when Ozzie Guillen and Mark Grace worked during the Yankees-Phillies World Series.
***I’m glad that Bud Selig and Major League Baseball backed down after first denying Dirk Nowit the chance to throw out the first ball for one of the World Series games in Arlington. Dirk is a Rangers Fan,attended several games this season,and he tossed out a first ball during the Summer as well.
***If the Bears beat Tampa Bay Sunday(Noon Chicago time),then there will be no mention of them flying into London Today while the Bucs have been there since Monday. Should Tampa Bay win,then the Bears will get ripped for flying to England so late in the week.

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