Organizers Of Anti-Wall Street Protest Write Mayor Emanuel

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Organizers of an anti-Wall Street protest in Chicago are gathering signatures on petitions they will send to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The protesters are asking the mayor to let them stay in Grant Park without being arrested. The park closes at 11pm, and last week Chicago police arrested 175 of the demonstrators who stayed past that time.

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The petition says, “Don’t let this end like 1968” — a reference to the violence surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Chicago that year.

The organizers of the anti-Wall Street protest had gathered 10,000 signatures as of Friday.

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  • Bill

    I hope Rahm uses this to start a nice fire in his fireplace.

  • DWH

    No large public areas should be turned into occupied pig stys.

  • Tammy

    Maybe Rahm’s kids have a cat and they can line the litter box with the petition.

  • The General Concensus

    I’m surprised they found 10,000 people who haven’t got a clue what they want. I guess it’s just fun to protest. Wallstreet doesn’t make the laws, they only abide by them. These stupid protestors should be protesting congress, not successful people who just happen to have been successful. Idiots!!!

  • Occupy Chicago supporter

    What’s the definition of a neo-liberal? It’s People like Bill,DWH,Tammy ang General Consensus who have lost there job,their home,their LIFE and cam
    no’t find work…or if they CAN it’s for a lot less than what they were making while the RICH GET RICHER! I hope it happens to the people I just mentioned than YOU’LL KNOW why we’re angry!!!!

    • Richard Daley

      And if that did happen to those individuals, then they arent complaining, they do what Americans do. Getting back to work, be smarter and work your way back to the top. Protestors are losers that don’t know how society works. Congress laid down the rules to the game, go win the game. Why hate the participants of the game….idiots. Dont be a hater cause your didnt make the most of your lives. Rahm will never give Grant Park to the protestors.

  • plainreviews

    Americans blame the federal government more for the nation’s economic plight than they do the primary target of the Occupy Wall Street protests — big financial institutions. If you don’t know why people are protesting on wall street, this article gives a very good explanation on it.

    • Ex-Kochhead

      What in god’s name are you reading? Sounds like Koch brother’s home schooling curriculum.

  • Occupy Wall Street supporter (and WILL defend us)

    dear Richard Daley,
    We’d LOVE to go back to work !!! Where are the jobs,CLUELESS???? The evil people you don’t seem to notice OUTSOURCED THEM DUMMIE!!!!m What do you think we are protesting for? FUN???? Call me a loser to my face and see what happens PIG!

    • LOTD

      Just curious as to what line of work you were in?? Your age, and IF you voted for that “hope and change” BS?? If you answer yes to the hope and change answer, then allow me to tell you to goandfukyourself! Do you want the government to just place you into a job?? Do want to live in a socialist society?? Maybe you will get lucky and some wealthy person will offer you a job, but something tells me your piercings, tattoos and overall attitude will turn off a prospective employer. Is it still hip to use the term pig?? Take your protest to DC !!!!

  • zarathrusta

    Is it me or is Obama a little conspicuous by his absence from the Occupier’s diatribe? I wonder if the losers can spell DNC.

    Thus Spoke Zarathustra the Pig

  • The Truth

    U people r missing the point. Why does the top 1 % control the world. Capitalism is against all religions.Politicioms are only out 4 themselves.If its that F’d up its time 4 a change.

  • Icemoman

    If all the people PROTESTING but as much time in to looking for a job as they do PROTESTING they would have a job!!!! Get over your self and look for a job and stop thinking you need 40.00 dollars a hour to work already!!!

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