(WSCR) After the Bears defeated the Bucs 24-18 in London on Sunday, Bears expert Hub Arkush had several revelations regarding the state of the 2011 Chicago Bears.

First and foremost, Arkush gave some much-needed respect to Matt Forte after the running back’s 145-rushing yard performance.

“I decided yesterday that Matt Forte is a better running back than I give him credit for,” Arkush told The McNeil and Spiegel Show on Monday. “I’ve insisted on calling him a ‘nice’ running back as opposed to an ‘elite’ running back. I’m still not convinced he’s an elite running back but he’s certainly a Pro Bowl-type back right now, worthy of more credit than I’ve been giving him.

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“I don’t care what sport you’re playing, confidence – just a feel, a groove, a hot streak, whatever you want to call it — is so, so important. It’s so obvious he’s in it right now. I mean, particularly the way he was starting, stopping and finding his holes. … He’s playing at as high of a level as he can play right now. I still wouldn’t give him the DeAngelo Williams’ money (five-years, $43 million) because look at how that worked out, but this would be a great week to get (a contract) done for about $18 million guaranteed.”

Forte wasn’t the only one receiving credit from Arkush — Brian Urlacher got some love, too.

“I decided yesterday that Brian Urlacher is a Hall of Famer,” Arkush said. “I’ve been kind of waffling on that one over the last year or two, thinking he needs one more season, one more deal. The more I watch him, what he means to that team, to that defense, he’s one of those rare players that takes away a part of the field from the other team.”

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