(WSCR) It’s tough to blame Jay Cutler for wanting to avoid taking yet another hit, but one Bears analyst said Cutler needs to forget the past and do his job.

Former Bears quarterback Jim Miller believes Cutler, who went 17-for-32 for 226 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, is acting scared in the pocket.

“Any time he gets a little bit of pressure, (he) falls back into those bad habits where he’s retreating, throwing in the pocket,” Miller told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “It’s hard to be accurate with the football doing that. You always gotta be on balance and on point when you deliver the football. It may seem tough at times, and I know Jay has taken a lot of hits, but that’s what you’re paid to do. You gotta put your foot in the ground and make an accurate throw. You’re going to take the hit. I know he’s somewhat a little shell-shocked from the hits he’s taken over the past years, but honestly, that’s his job.”

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