Board Of Ed Urges Charter Schools To Lengthen Day

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Board of Education is looking to sweeten the deal for charter schools if they adopt a longer school day.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports, the board will vote on a resolution this week that will give charter schools grants of up to $75,000, and teachers at the schools stipends of $800, if they implement a longer day during the present school year, the Chicago Tribune explains.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports

Unlike traditional Chicago Public Schools, charter schools are privately operated, and their teachers are not represented by a union. Thus, CPS officials can extend the day at dozens of schools without having to ask any teachers to break ranks with the union, the Tribune explained.

As it is, 85 of the 110 charter schools within the CPS system already have a longer day than traditional public schools, and most meet or even exceed the 90 extra minutes demanded by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools chief executive officer Jean-Claude Brizard, the newspaper reported.

But about 40 charter schools have shorter days than CPS is seeking, the Tribune reported.

Brizard and Emanuel have devoted great attention toward lengthening the school day, and have asked the union to accept the change before the beginning of next school year. The mayor also offered a 2 percent raise if the union agreed to the longer day.

But the union disagreed, complaining that the extra time teachers are being asked to work is not covered by a mere 2 percent raise. Thus, school officials asked individual schools to break ranks and agree to the longer school day on their own.

As a reward for lengthening their school days, each school was promised an extra $150,000 in funding from the Chicago Public Schools. Teachers at the schools are receiving $1,250 bonuses and the 2 percent raises.

Thirteen schools agreed to the offer.

In the latest development last week, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board voted unanimously to seek an injunction to block the longer school day from taking effect this year.

  • Dylan

    The school day should be longer WITHOUT any increase in pay or benefits. They only have to work till 55 and will make more in retirement than they did their entire career. Plus, they only work 180 days or less.

    We pay 10 times more for education than we did in the past, but the scores are still the same.

    ANYONE with a BA can teach. It’s not that hard, and definitely not any harder that most careers.

    • ron

      Look at the administrators when you talk like that. The teaching profession is the most underpaid job out there along with police men and firemen. Most teachers don’t retire at 55 they go on til they are in their 60’s.And no you can’t teach just because you have a bachelors. You must go through a massive amount of school and student teaching. What most careers make in 15 years teaching makes about half, and have you ever been in a classroom with 25 kids for 6-6.5 hours 5 days a week. It’s not that easy.
      You should really do your research before you open your pie hole. You must be one of those parents that believes the kid before the teacher. You have no clue what you speak of. It seems like school has become nothing more than a baby sitting service for lazy self-absorbed parents more concerned on where to place the blame other than looking at yourself for all the faults your kids have. Lengthen the day…… sure why not but they must be compensated for those extra hours.
      Quit sounding like a moron and put the blame where it belongs, Administration and the parents. If you can do such a good job whay aren’t you a teacher, you putz?

  • Wolf

    What non-sense the amount of classroom time does not correlate to learning …bad educators and ineffective systems keep kids from learning and this massively bloated Chicago School Operation has no basis to provide any critique …its is an absolute failure..except for the rape the commit to all taxpayers…

  • Tradefin

    All this ( longer school day) amounts to is baby sitting. Comes out to only 30 more mins of instructional time. There are good teachers and bad teachers but all politicians are bad and lie

  • dan

    Just watch teachers union boss Karen Lewis for 2 minutes and it is very clear who’s interest she is blabbing for.

    Her own and the UNION teachers-it’s all about squeezing as much pay and benefits out of the system.

    I would never put the future of my kids in her hands-NEVER! Thats why I SAVE the public schools 20K a year by putting my kids through private school-oh by the way I have to work 2 jobs to do it and all I get is a lousy $500 tax break from the state.

    Tradefin-the public schools in my hood operate 9-1:30-that is friggin ridicuolus they should go 8-4 with 1/2 luch and a 1/2 hour recess and then maybe the scores will go up-maybe…

    • tradefin

      Dan it must be the University of Chicago Lab. Sounds like the same time oh and thats where the mayors kids go to school. They seem to be learning. Bottom line it is the parents who know the responsibility to help their kids at home away from school that are the ones that have success. I am willing to bet there is a direct correlation to parents that help their kids at home and good test scores. School does not end when the bell rings at a building If it does maybe look in a mirror and say to yourself its me not the teachers.

  • Chivi

    My sister is a CPS teacher and she would never send her girls to a CPS school. That says it all!!! Longer days and shorter vacation time. Retirement at what age? Where is the money coming from?? US!!!

  • xingengyan

    Unknown message

  • dan

    No tradefin it’s Beaubien School in Jefferson Park, just a regular neighborhood school.

    Again, 9 to 1:30? I went 8:30 to 3 when I was a kid.

    And yes it is up to the parents to keep what the schools starts going as I do every day after school (single parent here by the way). But it is also up to the school and teachers to provide proper curriculum to prepare our kids for the world.

    Better teachers in bettter schools with proper cirriculum get results. Millions and millions of dollars have been poured into our local schools and what do we have to show for it? Low scores and one of the shortest school days in the nation and Karen Lewis blabbin away-what a joke! Unfortunately the jokes on the poor kids who are stuck in this broken system.

    • Jennie

      Kids are never stuck in a broken system. Parents can get up off their butts, take on a part time job and place tjeir child/children in a private school or they can go the charter route, or they can home school. No child is EVER STUCK in this horrible system. Oh, by the way, the principals in many of the public schools are horrible. I have a sister who’s principal solicits $35.00 at xmas time from her employees. Last year her and her husband (that owns an insurance company) went to Cancun. The board has refused to investigate this woman.

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