(WSCR) With former White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker out the door with Ozzie Guillen, one former Sox slugger is throwing his name in the hat.

Frank Thomas expressed his interest in the vacant position to the Chicago Sun-Times.

‘‘Of course I can be a hitting coach, but who knows if this is the right time for it or not,’’ Thomas said. ‘‘We’ll see later. [General manager] Kenny [Williams] and them, they’ve got their own plan going on. You heard all the names being mentioned. They’ve got their own clique, their own nucleus that they’ve been working with. Do I fit? Who knows. Bottom line is they’ll make the right decision they need to make.

‘‘No doubt I can look at the swings of other players and see things. My style was my style, but the bottom line is getting the hands in the right position, the body in the right position, putting your head on the ball and making a good swing. I don’t care if you’re two feet, one feet, hands up, hands down. You just have to get to that same spot and make it work.’’


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