15-Year-Old Charged With Multiple Rapes, Robberies

CROWN POINT, Ind. (STMW) – A 15-year-old northwest Indiana boy is being charged as an adult with rape, robbery, aggravated battery and battery in a series of attacks in Hammond dating back nearly a year.

Dedrick Dewayne Johnson is charged with two counts of rape for Jan. 20 and Feb. 24 sexual assaults on two victims, and is also charged with rape and robbery of a third victim on Feb. 14.

He is also charged with the robbery of a fourth victim on Nov. 8, and the aggravated battery of a fifth victim.

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  • Latiqwenicia

    Thanks for the support, Vincent. It’s time to put the trash where it belongs!!!!

  • g-man

    DUKE !!!!!!!

  • tom Sharp

    Hopefully, castration is a viable, legal punishment in Indiana! This thing should never be allowed to reproduce!

  • Denard

    See you were doing good until you made the racist comment which shows ignorance on your part. I’m certain when he makes it to prison, he will be getting poked on regular.

  • Stanley

    The kid needs to be locked away for a long, long time… but I’m sorry, if you don’t have the rights of an adult, you CANNOT be tried as one, in my opinion. It is a major failing of our judicial system that someone who must legally live with his parents, someone not allowed to vote, smoke, drink, drive, or serve in the military, someone who cannot purchase a home or apply for a loan of any sort — how can this person legitimately be looked upon as an adult?

    I want to reiterate: this kid needs to be off the streets and kept away from people for a darned long time. This is obviously a very troubled individual who needs to be removed from society for the good of that society. But he’s not an adult, and the fact that the crimes he committed were so heinous and ugly does not change that fact.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Chicago is turning into one huge cesspool of criminals put a fence around it and take away their right to vote.
    By the way.
    Hi there Chicago it’s me from down state illinois. Hows the anti gun laws working out for ya. When will you idiots up there wake up and see your anti carry laws only dis arm the law abiding guys and keep the bad guys with their guns safer?

    Like hell take my family to Chicago getting them all killed in a drive up like so many others I read about doesn’t sound like fun to me oh yeah and in Chicago the criminals carry guns but I can’t hahaha NO THANK YOU CHICAGO!

  • Tailgate Fan

    What is considered “adult” in the black community? Many of the ‘adult’-aged Chicago blacks read at a 3rd grade level. Many don’t have jobs. Many aren’t married, yet have children, which they are obviously setting a bad example for. Many gladly receive handouts, then yell louder when they want more, like children.

    This 15-year old criminal committed adult crimes. Rape, robbery with a weapon?! Do you think he was at home watching Nickelodeon with his parents and working on a project for the science fair together? Don’t fool yourself…this person is not worth the effort

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