(WSCR) Hey, just wanted to keep you Score-heads posted—in case the Bears can make it to the Big Game this year, I am ready.  I decided to go check out Lucas Oil Stadium ahead of time, so that I can be ready to go if things work out right with the Bears.  Plus, this gave me a perfect chance to check out my MINI Countryman on an extended road trip.  This was definitely my best test drive ever.  Period.

It was a beautiful morning when we left for Indianapolis to check out the great Lucas Oil Stadium, site of the Big Game come this February.  Traffic was moving well and the sun was shining—a perfect morning for a road trip to Indy.  According to online directions, the trip would take us 7 hours round trip and about 375 miles round trip.  We were anticipating having to stop for gas a couple times, but the MINI Countryman gets 35 MPG… that’s 434 miles per tank!  So we were surprised to find that we only had to stop for gas once, and that’s only because we didn’t start with a full tank!

The road trip was a great opportunity for me to really get a feel for the Countryman, which turns out to be one of the best vehicles I’ve ever driven!  Not only does it have amazing handling and performance, the car is FAST and FUN to drive!  In fact, I had to keep an eye on the speedometer, because the ride was so smooth and quiet that I didn’t even realize how fast I was going at times.  Holy smokes!  Check out some photos and videos we took along the way below!

–Big Doug

event pics 4911 Big Doug: Road To Indy

Here’s me behind the wheel.

event pics 497 Big Doug: Road To Indy

The only gas stop we had to make on our way!

event pics 501 Big Doug: Road To Indy

We did a little shopping while we stopped -- like my new hat?

I was a little concerned that the Countryman might not be able to fit a big guy like me, but it turns out…

event pics 507 Big Doug: Road To Indy

…the Countryman is surprisingly and pleasantly spacious!

event pics 508 Big Doug: Road To Indy

Look, Ma! No hands!

event pics 512 Big Doug: Road To Indy

Here’s me while I do my weekly call-in to the Mac and Spiegel Show.

event pics 5141 Big Doug: Road To Indy

I hope there’s a reason for me to come back here come February 5, 2012…

event pics 5171 Big Doug: Road To Indy

Now, that’s a good looking car—and yes, it is as fun to drive as it looks.

event pics 5201 Big Doug: Road To Indy

One more shot with my new favorite hat…

event pics 523 Big Doug: Road To Indy

Ok, maybe two

event pics 524 Big Doug: Road To Indy

On the way back to Chicago—no, thank you, no need for gas!  Not with the MINI Countryman.

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