By Shawn Muller-

(CBS) The Chicago Rush may have offered him a contract already (isn’t happening), so I am just going to go ahead and ask: How long before Bears fans start talking about getting Terrell Owens to help the wide receiving core for Chicago’s NFL franchise?

The Lions have lost two straight games, reopening the door on a Bears season that—a couple of weeks before—appeared to be a surefire lost cause.  Now, the Bears are right back in the thick of the playoff race, so instead of looking towards the draft in April, this team needs to take a look at all available options (via trade or free agency), to help out down the stretch — and that includes Terrell Owens.

The Bears offensive line is bad, but I still think the most glaring need is at the wide receiver position. The lack of a true playmaker out wide is inexcusable for a team with a quarterback that has an arm like Jay Cutler (cue the Cutler insults). It’s like having a Ferrari with a Yugo engine (cue the Cutler insults again). What’s the point of having a Ferrari if it doesn’t drive like one?

I can understand why Bears fans might want Jerry Angelo to take a hard look at signing Owens for the remainder of the season.  I mean, the future hall of famer did have nearly 1,000 yards on 72 catches last season at the ripe old age of 36.  Those numbers were more productive than any Bears receiver in 2010 and he appears to be in better shape than players ten years younger. I’ll admit it… the guy is a gamer.

But my intrigue in Owens stops right there.

Reality wrangles me back in, because Terrell Owens is still a “me first” kind of guy.

He was a “me first” guy in San Francisco.  He was a “me first” guy in Philadelphia.  He was a “me first” guy in Dallas.  And I hate to break it to the entire “pro-T.O.” contingent in Chicago, but he will turn into a “me first” guy in the Windy City if the Bears do happen to sign him.

That is just who he is and being at the end of his career won’t change his attitude, especially when he knows he has the potential to come in and be the number one option from the first day he steps foot on the practice field.

Am I being too hard on the guy?  I don’t think I am.

I think he is one of the greatest wide receivers of all-time (probably top five to tell you the truth).  But I just don’t want any more egos standing on the Bears sidelines, especially a 37-year-old ego coming off anterior cruciate ligament surgery that hasn’t seen anything close to resembling any type of real football action in almost a year.

Could it work? Yeah, sure, anything could work, but I am not willing to take that bet. He is the diva of all divas at the wide receiver position.  He is Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, and Madonna all rolled in to one. I am sure — assuming the Bears even try pursuing T.O. — that he will come in and say all the right things.  He always has in every city he has played in.  But once things don’t go the way Owens expects them to go, he will be right back to his old ways.

I say thanks, but no thanks to Terrell Owens.

The Bears have more important things to worry about besides keeping a rent-a-player happy, especially an aging rent-a-player coming off ACL surgery.

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