GROBBER—Nove 2,2011




***So what did you think of the Cubs News Conference in which Theo Epstein jamed Jed Hoyer as general manager, and Jason McLeod as Assistant GM. Did you get the impression that it was nothing more than a ‘Love Fest’? Other than Epstein saying that the statis of Manager Mike Quade will be finalized sometime by next week, not much else was answered. Even when the question about the statis of Carlos Zambrano was asked, expectedly, not much was answered.

***Excitment may surface at 1060 W.Addison at some point,but it’s too early for that. Just glad these welcomes and thank yous are over with.


***The Bulls were scheded to oepn the 2011-12 season against5 the NBA Champion Mavericks in Dallas,but of course that didn’t happen due to the continuing lockout What next with this NBA fiasco?



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