(WSCR) The McNeil and Spiegel Show’s Over/Unders for Bears at Eagles on Monday Night Football:

“This Guy” or “That Guy”s by Jon Gruden:

Average of about 3 per quarter we assume…
“This McCoy” or “That Cutler” doesn’t count
O/U for “This Guy/That Guy”s by Jon Gruden:  13.5

Mac: Over
Spiegel: Over

Matt Forte Total Yards:

1091 total yards on the year for Forte.  672 rushing, 419 receiving — 155 average per game
Eagles total yards allowed to the following:
F. Gore – 139, Fred Jackson – 196, Ahmad Bradshaw – 139, Michael Turner – 146
O/U for Matt Forte total yards:  156.5

Mac: Over
Spiegel: Over

LeSean McCoy Total Yards:

754 rush yards, 138 receiving yards.  892 total yards… 127 average per game
10 total touchdowns this year…only player to score in every game so far this season
Bears 5.2 yards per carry allowed is 3rd worst in the NFL
O/U for McCoy total yards:  135.5

Mac: Over
Spiegel: Under

Lance Briggs/Brian Urlacher Tackles:

Briggs leads Bears with 52 tackles this year.  Urlacher third with 41
Average of 13.2 tackles combined from the pair per game
Slowing down McCoy and Vick…also helping keep quick WR’s from huge YAC’s
O/U for tackles by Urlacher/Briggs:  15.5

Mac: Under
Spiegel: Under

Hits on Jay Cutler:

Philadelphia 8th with 22 sacks
Bears 10th in sacks allowed with 21
4 TD passes by Cutler vs. Eagles last year…plan to attack the air a decent amount again??
Philly has hit QB 13 times over last 2 weeks…but only 11 times in 3 weeks previous to that
O/U for hits on Jay Cutler:  6.5

Mac: Over
Spiegel: Under

Devin Hester Longest Kickoff Return:

Goes a long way in determining if Bears get a victory or not
In Bears 4 wins this year: Average of Hester’s longest KO Return – 52 yards
In Bears 3 losses this year:  Average of Hester’s longest KO Return – 28.6 yards
Hester averaging 26.8 yards per kickoff return this year.
O/U for Hester’s longest kickoff return:  34.5

Mac: Over
Spiegel: Over

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