Sharon Bialek’s Fiancé Backs Her ‘100 Percent’

He First Learned Of Incident Last Week

CHICAGO (CBS) — A person close to the Chicago woman who on Monday went public with details of alleged sexual harassment by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, said her decision to speak out “took some guts.”

The fiance of Sharon Bialek tells WBBM Newsradio that Bialek just told him about the alleged sexual harassment on Friday evening.

“It took some guts,” he said.

Mark Harwood — a native of the United Kingdom — says he’s been with Sharon Bialek for four years and they’ve been engaged for one year.

He was asked why Bialek is coming forward now– more than 14 years after Cain allegedly groped her.

He says it’s partly because other accusers have stayed anonymous.

“You’re looking for a new president in the U.S. next year,” he said. “I don’t think it necessarily sits well that you’ve got potentially somebody that running for candidacy and lying about some serious issues.”

“My heart of heart says the reason she’s come forward is to be the voice of these other ladies (and to) vindicate herself a little bit.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller Reports

Harwood, who lives with Bialek in Mundelein, tells WBBM Newsradio that Bialek is “true blue” and has a “good heart,” and he says, “I’ll back her 100 percent.”

  • Parasites!

    Of course he backs her. This parasite will certainly sue for a jackpot settlement! After a decade, her complaint is irrelevant! Hitting on a woman for the purpose of obtaining sex is not illegal. Also, there is only one correct answer for a married guy to give when confronted with the possibility of having cheating on his wife. I didn’t do it!! I have no problem with that. It’s between him and his wife ONLY. Sex is not a governmental issue!!!

    • Mike Patten

      So you think its OK to stick your hand up a woman’s dress and grab her privates ‘uninvited? I agree SEX is not a political issue however, morality and integrity most certainly are! I’m just glad the real Herman Cain is ‘outed’ prior to and not after the elections. And by the way, sexual harassment of any kind is against the law in the USA! I just hope you don’t have a wife or daughter you ignorant slob!

  • tarletonm

    Fiance? Their wedding pics are on Facebook, on Alison Edwards Photography’s page. Are you sure about the other facts of this story?

    • Marty

      I don’t see their photos anywhere … which album??

  • Barrabas

    Sure he does…he stands to gain at least 50% of the take when she suddenly settles when the price is right.

  • Sandy Goforth

    It bothered her so much that she never even told he boyfriend! WOW!

    She needs to take a lie detector test.

  • johjackson

    What happened to the boyfriend that she had in 1997? This is the boyfriend I want to hear from! Anyone who can read simple body language could see she was either lying or not telling the whole story. She literally hid behind her lawyer when she was not speaking. I thought she was going to disappear completely at one point. And why is Ms. Allred not releasing the signed affidavits from her friend and boyfriend? What are they hiding there? This stinks of fraud. One more question. Where was Ms. Allred when Juanita Broderick needed a lawyer when she was raped by Bill Clinton? Oh that’s right, she declined her counsel because it had been too long since the alleged rape occurred. Apparently a 14 year old ‘groped by a republican’ story is much more important to her than a ‘raped by a democrat’ story.

  • Dino D

    Her fiance wants some of that coin she’ll make from all this free publicity! when’s her book coming out? Playboy spread??

  • Micheal Savage

    She looks like the same woman I seen with Rahm when I was downton 2 months ago,to bad I didn’t have a camera on my phone,but who would know what it is today.

  • Jennifer Worley

    Come on people it’s pretty clear this will be her only claim to fame what a shame…if their were any credence to this allegation it would have been addressed in 1997!! How is she justifying this late Lucy attempt to defame a leading Presidential Candidate; oh yeah for” vindication”, please she should be scrutinized especially financially…lets see who’s really funding this smear campaign. Gloria you should grow a conscious..seriously. YES WE CAIN!!!!!!! :)

  • Debbie

    Sharon did you go to Schurz H.S. & graduate in 1979?

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  • yea right

    Will the woman take and pass a polygraph,when she does then I will become a believer.

  • Miss Marie

    Look up Mark Harwood on Linkedin. He is without a job as of October 2011.

  • Not born yesterday

    Mark, Go back to England and take the trash with you

  • Frank J.

    Advice to Mark Harwood: GET A PRE-NUP!!!

  • Debbie

    There is an awful lot of women coming forward with the same allegation. It kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it??????

  • dan

    I read two analysis of body language. One for Herman cain and the other for sharon bialke. Herman Cain was angry and fustrated, but showed not signs of deceptions during his press conference. While Sharon Bialke shown many signs of deception thru out her press conference. My conclusion. Herman cain is telling the truth and Sharon bialke is lying.

    • Robin Thompson

      i agree and go one point further. Why did she have to read everything that she said. At times, she read very poorly. I too would like to hear from the boy friend of 14 years ago. What was his take, how did he react. If a man did that to my wife or even a girl friend, I could not stand by and say something, strike back, or have it reported. WHERE IS THE PROOF?

  • Fiancee who Came to Cain Accuser, Bialek’s Defense – Not Actually Her Fiancee « Nice Deb

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