Teen Charged In Chatham Triple Slaying

UPDATED 11/08/11 1:18 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Bond has been denied for a 17-year-old boy, who is charged with the murder of three people outside a bakery at 87th Street and King Drive in the Chatham neighborhood.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, Nicko Grayson, of the 7000 block of South Perry Avenue, was charged with first-degree murder Monday night. His bond was denied in Violence Court (Br. 66) at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse Tuesday.

Witnesses picked Grayson out from an array of photos as the person who allegedly shot the three who were all sitting inside a car, police said.

The shooting happened Saturday evening in the 400 block of East 87th Street, in a parking lot outside A Piece of Cake bakery and a neighboring Church’s Chicken restaurant.

Police said a car pulled up to the parking lot at about 5 p.m. Saturday, just as Chanda Thompson, 21, was leaving the bakery and getting into the parked car with two men.

Thompson had been picking up a cake for her daughter’s second birthday.

But when she got in the car, a man walked up and shot her and her two friends, killing them all. Now, Thompson’s young daughter is left wondering, “Where’s my mom?”

chanda Teen Charged In Chatham Triple Slaying

Chanda Thompson (courtesy Camiella Williams )

“What do you tell a 2-year-old? That her mother was gunned down? What do you say?” said Charlene Davis, Thompson’s aunt. “So the only thing we’re left to do is raise a child who was left motherless for something so senseless. She had no chance.”

Thompson was about to head back to the house when she was shot and killed.

“They were backing out, and they were about to head back to the house,” Davis said.

Thompson’s daughter’s birthday went on without her, but no one was feeling joyous or festive.

Also killed in the shooting were Cortez Champion, 21, and Shawn Russell, also 21.

“We pray that this is the person that did it, and that they charge him, and I still pray for the family, because 17? I mean, for real? He just shortened his life,” Davis said.

At the scene Monday night, Davis spent time praying around a small memorial in the parking lot where her niece lost her life. Grayson was charged soon afterward.

“My anger will say, ‘Rot in hell,’ but my love for people will say, ‘I just pray for your soul,’” she said.

Davis is a community activist who has worked with teens to stop violence on the streets. She said Thompson also worked with her and was getting involved.

She never imagined Thompson would be the next victim.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Jim

    Hi there Chicago it’s me from down state illinois. Hows the anti gun laws working out for ya. When will you idiots up there wake up and see your anti cary laws only dis arm the law abiding guys and keep the bad guys safer?



  • Bob Hamilton

    This boy has probably never spent a night in jail before, so as you are reading this, he is looking around and realizing that he will never ever walk down a street again, or ever go out with his friends, or enjoy being with his girlfriend or wife. We don’t know what his motive might have been because the reporter and editor failed to even mention it, but whatever it was, it was not a good plan. I would be willing to bet a lot of cash (up to $10) that this kid has spent hundreds of hours or more playing first person shooter video games, which essentially are just training simulators for murderers. Where’s my 10? Condolences to the families of the victims of this poor wannabe thug and to his family. Mama’s throw out the X-boxes and Playstations, or at least the murder training games.


      You’ve got to be kidding! It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths you libturd enablers will go to in order to excuse what is essentially classic TNB.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Great work by the Chicago Police department as usual.

  • http://yahoomail RELLE STAR

    It’s a sad crime but it’s nothing new our city Chicago is living in hell so many senseless killing,robberies,rapes etc and there’s something new everyday.It’s not only the African Americans commiting these crimes but CAUCASSIANS,INDIANS,HISPANICS,LATIONO’s as well i just pray things get better my condolences goes out to all the families.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Well lets see um yeah Chicago Dems. After you get done praying go vote the idiots out. Gun laws don’t apply to criminals.

    • Just the Average Joe

      Oh yea, other races are involved in murder, but that is no excuse for the absolute insane amount of killing in the black community. The number of blacks involved in murder is simply well over the top, of any other group. If I was a black parent, I wouldn’t just leave Chicago, I would run. The gangster mentality and the lack of discipline from other parents over their children, is reason enough to leave.

  • Chris

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    • No More Monkey Business

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      • Yard Ape

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      • Lyndia

        Yard Ape you are the voice of the voiceless.

        From your lips to Gods ears.

  • Shauneekwa

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  • CFLC

    Chicago is a sick city. It’s not dead yet, but saving it from years of democratic, Daley rule will be a monumental task. This is what happens when you lower and lower the standards and educational requirements for quality. You get unproductive human beings that feed on the good, laugh at authority, and are alloed to get away with it. Again, designed by the Democrats.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Chicago is turning into one huge cesspool of criminals put a fence around it and take away their right to vote.
    By the way.
    Hi there Chicago it’s me from down state illinois. Hows the anti gun laws working out for ya. When will you idiots up there wake up and see your anti carry laws only dis arm the law abiding guys and keep the bad guys with their guns safer?

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