2 Bigger Dogs Maul Family’s Pet At Naperville Park

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS) — A Naperville woman says her small dog is recovering from serious injuries after a vicious attack by two bigger dogs.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, this past Friday, Karine Malec said she and her 6-year-old son took their 2 1/2-year-old Maltese-Yorkie mix Jasper to the Springbrook Prairie Dog Park in Naperville, the Daily Herald reported.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

They had hoped to enjoy the air and sunshine.

But suddenly, while at the off-leash dog park, two bigger dogs circled and attacked Jasper. Malec told the Daily Herald the big dogs “chewed on (Jasper) like a toy.”

As Malec screamed, she says the owner of one of the dogs grabbed Jasper and rescued him, but by then, the smaller dog had suffered broken ribs and torn muscles, and was bleeding, the Daily Herald reported.

Jasper had to undergo surgery and stay overnight in an animal hospital.

Malec’s young son also witnessed the attack and was crying as the dog was mauled, Malec told the newspaper.

Malec said she filed a police report with the DuPage County Forest Preserve and posted signs warning other pet owners and parents to be careful at off-leash parks.

Guidelines on the forest preserve Web site say owners must keep dogs in off-leash areas in view and under control at all times.

Dogs are permitted off-leash at the fenced-in park near 83rd Street and Book Road, but owners must and remove their dogs from the park at the first sign of aggression, the Web site said.

Jasper will recover his injuries, Malec said in an e-mail to the Chicago Sun-Times. She went on to say she is looking for witnesses to the attack.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • super80

    I never trust these bigger dogs, or shall I say, I never trust the owners to keep control of their bigger dogs. These bigger dogs should be on leashes, at the very least. And, these owners should pay for all the vet bills, and them some.

  • Marc Nudelman

    why is this story getting any attention?!? “dog bites dog”?? Ge!!e, how unusual…NOT….it happens almost daily somjewhere. MOVE ON there are important things going on in the world….

    • Border Agent 69

      Because it’s YUPPIE ville.Your exactly right and them little dog’s attack the bigger dogs all the time, I once had a ROTTWEILER and a poddle bite him on the lip while he was laying down miding his business for no reason my rotty was harmless.

      Naperville will now ban all dogs just like dodge ball because they won’t stand for this type of bullying.

    • Roberta Waker

      Would you rather read that Malec’s six year son was attacked? This story is worthwhile because it alerts people who go to these parks that there are dangerous dogs there and your dog and/or child could be at risk. It should serve as a warning for dog owners who take their children to these parks because dangerous uncontrolled dogs put everyone at risk. Is that important enough for you?

      • Patty

        Amen Roberta! That was the goal..to educate! I am amazed at how uncaring people can be when something so horrible happens. If it was their animal/hairy baby, I am sure they wouldnt be so incredibly rude and heartless.

  • Roberta Waker

    I hope Jasper makes a full recovery. Anyone with dogs, large or small, that doesn’t have them under control should NOT be allowed in an off leash dog park. The owners of the larger dogs should be tracked down, pay for Jasper’s medical bills and definitely not be allowed in an off leash park again. It could have been Malec’s six year old son that was attacked just as easily. If you can’t control your dog – keep him/her on a leash.

  • Karine Prautois Malec

    Thank you Roberta! One smart lady out there, I was just starting to lose hope! Thinking outside the box is KEY here: warning for future incident. Thanks again.
    Karine Malec

  • B Potts

    I read this article and was extremely disappointed in the story and its author. For me, this article was very ambiguous and lacking in informative facts. And, it was generalized in such a way as to simply suggest “dogs attack dog” which leaves much to the imaginative creation of a reader.

    Hmmm…off-leash dog park…would that be an “at your own risk” type of environment? Or, is there an employee appointed to be there to verify important vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, kennel cough, etc…for each dog prior to entry? Do they check to see if a dog has been entered into or completed any form of basic obedience training? Or, is this simply a large, fenced in area to allow the dogs to roam, run, and become over-stimulated in excitement and energy? I really feel for both parties in this article. The pain and suffering experienced in this incident is upsetting, but I truly don’t understand why anyone would believe that an “off-leash” environment where two or more dog “strangers” are gathered in would be safe for themselves, their children, or their pets?

    I have three large dogs, two pit bulls and a shepherd. They are all neutered males, well-mannered, and do well with voice commands. They all have valid vaccinations and completion of basic obedience courses. Even knowing all this, I would not allow them to run freely in amongst a large gathering of strangers (people or dogs). As a responsible pet owner, I don’t understand how pet owners could take their children or their pets into this type of environment and expect superb behavior. Why? Because when an animal is off-leash, there is no such thing as complete control…an expectation of control, but never complete control as is shown by this experience.

  • Agilipuppy

    Why would this stupid woman bring her 5 lb dog, and a SIX year old to an off leash dog park, and who cares if he was crying? Seriously, I read she didn’t even have a valid permit to even be in the park. I’m sorry this happened to your dog, but lady, you were seriously asking for it.

  • C Fiedler

    I’m so sorry Jasper was hurt so severely. I go to this dog park every day with my 2 large, well behaved dogs and luckily have never had a problem of any kind. However I have seen many uneducated small dog owners come in with little dogs and insist that their little dog loves big dogs and will get along fine.
    That is rarely the issue, this park is very big and although there is no sign identifying it as a large dog park, anyone who comes in will usually see primarily large dogs running and playing in a large central area.
    Even if a little dog likes large dogs, when larger dogs are in a typical chasing situation which happens all the time there, if a little rabbit sized dog comes into the picture their prey drive kicks in. In a room in a house everything might be fine between all these dogs, but outdoor excitement and chasing can alter a dogs behavior and things like this can happen, you enter the park at your own risk.
    It would be common sense to not put a small dog on the ground in a situation like this, it’s literally asking for trouble. If Ms Malec had even gone to the Forest Preserve website she would have seen that small dogs have their own parks for this very reason. Getting the required permit would also have given her this information.
    Even though she broke the rules and paid a heavy price I still find it reprehensible that the owners of the attacking dogs did not do more. I would never condemn an entire breed for the actions of a few but I must say there are several agressive huskies that frequent this park, and the fact that one of the attackers was a husky does not surprise me.
    Still I do not feel the owners of these dogs should be responsible for paying for Jasper’s injuries because of the irrational decision to put a little dog down in this kind of park, and also for not being a permit holding visitor. If Ms Malec had done what everybody else in the park had done, by getting the required permit she would have known to take Jasper to the Greene Valley small dog park which is just off of 75th street a few miles. Sadly I think she bears most of the responsibility for this tragedy.

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