Hoge: If True, Big Ten Should Kick Penn State Out

By Adam Hoge-

(CBS) As far as NCAA scandals go, this is as bad as it gets.

It’s worse than the worst recruiting violation. It’s worse than free tattoos. It’s worse than top bowl officials skimming money off the top for themselves.

This is about the alleged sexual abuse of children and the ensuing cover up by Penn State officials, which yes, includes Joe Paterno. He may not have broken the law, but he had a chance to expose a child rapist and he failed to do so. It was only five months ago when Jim Tressel was forced out at Ohio State because he kept his mouth shut about tattoos. Paterno kept his mouth shut about a child rapist. Which is worse?

But Paterno is just a piece of this. After reading the grand jury report, it’s clear that if all the allegations are true, this is a systemic problem from top-to-bottom at The Pennsylvania State University. From a school president all the way down to a graduate assistant, Penn State allegedly covered up a crime that is right up there with murder.

The bottomline: This is the worst of all NCAA scandals and it needs to be handled as such.

Unfortunately, because no NCAA violations occurred, you likely won’t see any punishment come from NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. Some have asked if Penn State deserves the “death penalty” if these allegations are proven true. The reality is that the “death penalty” doesn’t apply in this situation. First of all, it’s not even a formal NCAA term. It’s simply a tag given by the media to the NCAA’s worst punishment: eliminating a school’s sport for at least one season. But according to the NCAA, the death penalty only applies to “repeat offenders”. It’s only been used five times by the NCAA — most notably with Kentucky basketball in 1952 and SMU in 1987 — and all five cases involved schools repeatedly breaking NCAA rules.

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And that’s another problem. NCAA rules. Technically there is no NCAA rule saying you can’t sexually assault a child. It’s a horrible crime, but it has little to do with sports so why would it be in the rule book?

But while Sandusky’s alleged crimes and Penn State’s cover-up don’t necessarily break NCAA rules, they certainly break a whole mess of moral codes. And one could argue that they violate the core values of both the NCAA and the Big Ten.

One of the NCAA’s core values is: “The supporting role that intercollegiate athletics plays in the higher education mission and in enhancing the sense of community and strengthening the identity of member institutions.”

I think it’s safe to say the sense of community and the identity of Penn State has been completely tarnished by a local coaching icon — I’m talking about Sandusky here — building a charity and using to it to find vulnerable boys to molest. The ensuing cover-up by everyone involved — whether they broke the law or not — only solidifies a systemic violation of one of the NCAA’s core values.

Meanwhile, the Penn State football program is a member of the Big Ten’s Leaders Division. In its media guide, the Big Ten refers to its Leaders Division as: “A hopeful and aspirational acknowledgement that we believe the college athletics experience helps to develop the characteristics that Big Ten student-athletes will need to become leaders for the rest of their lives – in their home, jobs and in their communities.”

As a coach, athletic director or school president, it is your job to help those student-athletes become leaders. That means acting like one. And it’s safe to say no one at Penn State that knew about Sandusky’s transgressions acted like a leader in this situation. Sure, Paterno and Sandusky probably developed many leaders over the years at Penn State, but all that work is meaningless and their legacies are completely tarnished from here on out if these allegations are true.

Quite frankly, Penn State continuing on in a division called the “Leaders Division” is nothing more than a joke and a giant hypocrisy.

In fact, if all the allegations prove to be true, NCAA President Mark Emmert and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany need to take a hard look at the Penn State football program and reevaluate its membership within their respective institutions.

You might be asking, isn’t that basically the death penalty?

Well, in the NCAA’s case, yes, it basically is. As I mentioned before, that punishment doesn’t really apply to this crime based on current rules and previous cases. But given the severity of this situation, new punishments can always be handed out. After all, as the BCS reminds us every day, the NCAA isn’t a democracy.

But in the Big Ten’s case, we’re not talking about eliminating a football program, we’re talking about kicking an institution out of the conference. And, given the timeline outlined in the grand jury report, this is a punishment that would fit the crime.

Keep in mind, Penn State joined the conference in 1990 and started playing football in the Big Ten in 1993. Sandusky had been a coach at Penn State since 1969 and according to the grand jury report, his oldest known victim was sought out in 1994. That means that nearly the entire time Penn State has been a member of the Big Ten, the program has had a sexual predator on its coaching staff or had school and team officials with knowledge of the child abuse covering it up.

In other words, since joining the Big Ten, Penn State has done nothing but tarnish the conference’s reputation and represent everything the conference otherwise is not.

That is something Jim Delany simply can’t ignore.

Now, I’m not an idiot. I realize the Nittany Lions have brought a ton of money to the Big Ten and the NCAA. And considering how both institutions typically operate, I sadly doubt something as serious and despicable as child rape and the ensuing coverup would be enough for Delany and Emmert to sacrifice all those dollar signs to show the world that these actions are not acceptable.

I also realize that neither institution can really take action until the allegations are proven to be true.

But if they are, if Sandusky is really convicted on over 40 counts relating to the sexual abuse of children, and it’s proven that school and team officials — including President Graham Spanier and head football coach Joe Paterno — really covered up the sexual abuse of children, then Delany, at the very least, needs to take action.

Too many people have already turned a blind eye to what seem to be cold-card facts in this case.

Please don’t do the same, Jim.

Penn State has been playing football in the Big Ten for 19 years and these criminal actions allegedly happened over the course of the last 18 years.

If true, the Big Ten needs to tell Penn State to find a new home.

adam hoge 2012 small1 Hoge: If True, Big Ten Should Kick Penn State Out

Adam Hoge

Adam is the Sports Editor for CBSChicago.com and specializes in coverage of the Bears, White Sox and college sports. He was born and raised in Lincoln Park and attended St. Ignatius College Prep before going off to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned a Journalism degree. Follow him on Twitter @AdamHogeCBS and read more of his columns here.

  • Josh Ross

    what should happen is everyone who can should ask the ncaa to bring sanctions down upon this program imediatley. contact your congressman anyone in power should push a grass roots program to make Penn State acountable and end them in college football and make the big ten boot there other sports and them out and leave them in the cold . i will everyone else should also

    • StillPSUfan

      I take it you’re not a PSU fan…

      • DeeDee

        More likely, Josh isn’t a fan of child rapists being coddled by a university.

        It’s far too late for Penn State to play the blushing virgin about the child sex ring that was operated by its assistant head football coach, sanctioned by his silence by the head coach, and also sanctioned by the university by its letting Sandusky retire with honor instead of reporting him the the state attorney general’s office.

        Organizations that coddle pedophiles in its ranks will attract other pedophiles. Like moths to a flame, child rapists will eagerly seek employment at the organization.

        The truth is, we don’t know how many pedophiles there are working in positions of power at Penn State, or to what extent being able to use the facilities of Penn State for the child rapes was used by Penn State pedophiles as recruiting tool.

        Penn State needs to be banned from participated in sports until the state AG’s investigation is finished.

    • shstrang98

      Our society worships sports figures and generally anything to do with athletics.
      Often times these fans can be blind to the more negative characteristics of an organization. But this is over the line. Penn States team should be dissolved and the players transfered to other schools. Any of the coaches that looked the other way should be charged as accessories to the crime. And those directly responsible should be assigned to a new position on all fours in a max prison.

      BUT next to nothing will be done to those responsible because, well, they’re coaches and thus a part of an athletic group. And everybody loves athletics.

    • Liz Perkins

      It would be wonderful if the Big 10 gave PSU the boot. It is tough for us to be in a conference with a bunch of overrated losers. John you are highly educated I can tell by your misuse of the word there and lack of punctuation. (Must have been that quality education you received at a Big 10 school other than Penn State)
      Penn State is not defined by football or athletics it is a great academic institution. It is easy to criticize the entire student body for the actions of a few. However, what happened (the riot ) is something that would have happened at any major university where media has condemned an entire university for the actions of a few. And the condemnation was and is non -stop. Less than 20 students caused damage and a the rest were peaceful protesters.Penn State students are aware of the victims they are raising money for child abuse and alumni have raised over $350,000 in less than a week, I would not judge an entire university for the actions of a few. Maybe we should get rid of the Boy Scouts, they had child molesters as leaders and every corporation in America that has had a pedophile. If you think that other universities, non-profit organizations and corporations do not sweep child abuse allegations or sexual abuse allegations under the table you are naive.
      This is what is wrong with this country a bunch ignorant overzealous people calling for heads before a trial. Maybe we need to know all the facts before a rush to judgement. Please Big 10 kick us out we do not want to be in a conference that does not support it’s members and does not want us.

      • silhouette7881

        The B1G would have been better off without you jerks since day 1. I never understood why you guys were accepted in the first place. You don’t fit culturally, you’re a Mid-Atlantic college, not Midwestern, no matter how much you don’t want to admit it. You haven’t done much winning since you’ve join. How many conference championships? Like three or something? How many National Championships? ZERO! Though you do have a fair point that the 94 team should have been.

        Your college is a joke to the B1G. You don’t fit, your basketball team stinks, your volleyball teams are overrated, and nobody cares about your girls soccer team because they’re boring. Go and join the BE, with all the Catholic schools they got, they should have no problem accepting institutions that approves pedophiles.

  • Denver Deadite

    I get what you’re saying, Adam, and I don’t really disagree.

    But it’ll also never happen.

  • DMR

    What does this have to do with Big Ten membership? Yes, a horrible series of acts occurred. Did some PSU officials not handle it like they should have? Certainly appears that way. But you’re going to say that 40,000 current students and who knows how many faculty and coaches should all suffer because of the actions of, what, 5? I understand the emotion involved with this, but come on. Let’s see some reason exercised here.

    • jim

      Thank you for speaking with a clear voice of reason. What was done was reprehensible and horrible. It was not a coordinated effort from top to bottom as many people are making it out to me.

      As far as I can tell, no NCAA rules were violated as this doesn’t involve any student athletes in any way.

      • Mark, Sterling

        Truer words were never spoken. As vile as this situation is, I can’t penalize the ENTIRE University. Just the people in charge, who are going to be gone soon enough. Let’s hope that Hoge never finds out about the dirty laundry of just about every OTHER major program. We’d have no university’s at ALL. and if you think that THIS is the only instance of something like this in the entire NCAA…you’re one of the most naive people ever.

    • Victoria

      Among those “5” is the president of the university, the athletics director and the most famous coach in college football. But some how you and a few others remain blind to the institutional culpability and refuse to see the obvious need to punish them on that level.

      Look at the idiot students rallying for JoePa on Tuesday afternoon and evening. They care more about football than anything else, and only damaging their precious team will send them a message they can grasp.

      • Lynn

        These are young kids rallying for a man they know as a legend. They have no personal connection or experience. You can’t use the kids as any barometer of this situation unless they are football players or alum. Some kids just need any excuse to protest or show support. They mean well but this is when youth is wasted on the young. With more information they will come to see that this is about more than football…something way more important than football.
        They don’t care about football more than anything else they are just passionate for a cause.

      • PSU

        Actually, the students were rallying for a great person that in fact, did nothing wrong. Joe Pa cares about everyone and everything except himself and has dedicated his life to the university. In 1998 and 2002 Joe Pa was told of an incident and never actually witnessed anthing himself. If he went to the cops his accusations would be dismissed immediatly because of hearsay and if he turned out to be wrong he would get as much criticisim as he is getting now. There is nothing more he could have done except what he did and is therefore not morally wrong in any way. As for this article, there is no reason to punish a whole community for the terrible acts of one person. Also, Victoria, it is obvious that you don’t know much about Penn State because spending time there you would come to understand the true pride that students, alumni, and staff have and always will have in all aspects of the school, not just football.

      • Chris B

        Seems people penalized the ENTIRE Ohio State University for something so minor and petty. Here we have child rape and PSU swept in under the rug and young boys continued to be hurt. Everyone had alot to say about Tressel, Pryor and the entire college, but this is way worse. I couldn’t wait for something to arise( no pun intended) that proves there are things…WORSE things that go on in every institution. This is the absolute worst and you shouldn’t cast stones and sit on your pedestal thinking “not at PSU”. Sad for the children and families but so glas PSU got called out on THEIR corruption!

      • Daniel Chala

        2nd best excellent comment. That’s why Lamont provided that comment about banning the football team for 5 years. This sanction will send the message across to idiot student body who haven’t read the grand jury report to realize that bully predatory tactics need to be swiftly and solidly dealt with. Even University police investigators botched the investigation. There was legal probable cause to arrest Sandusky. At least back then they could have convicted him. If not, at least they would have gotten rid of him for good as opposed to now when more boys were victimized.

    • DeeDee

      Read my post, above.

      Sandusky and those at Penn State who covered up his child-raping activities, have already drawn other pedophiles to Penn State. That’s just how it goes–once the word gets out, pedophiles will be interested in getting in on the child raping.

      I can’t imagine a parent wanting their child to continue attending Penn State now. However, if Penn State’s participation in sports is withdrawn until the breadth of the sex-raping activities is known, at least the students who remain at the university will be able to do so knowing that serious steps are being paid to deal with this terrible sex-rape ring that operated out of their university.

      • Lynn

        Interesting thought about leaving the school (I have thought about it regarding my daughter). One has to realize that the university is larger than football (except that we question…”Is it larger than football?”) With one graduate and one still there I know the football climate but Happy Vally is an amazing place to be regardless of football. The difference is what would Penn State be without football supporting all it has supported for the university? Joe Pa was the instrument behind much of the growth of the university…not just football…

  • Lamont

    Penn State’s football program should be shut down for five or ten years and the current players should be able to transfer to another program without penalty. What Sandusky did and the admistration did to cover it up was sick and the school should be punished.

    • Daniel Chala

      That’s the best comment. You provided an excellent solution.

    • StillPSUfan

      Why should the school and the players be punished for the actions and inaction’s of their staff and administration? Somehow that just doesn’t seem right…

      • Lynn

        It is up to the University board to do the punishing and then leave it to the law to do more….no need to kick them out of the Big 10 and hurt so many more people. Already hundreds of thousands of nice, normal, hard working people are hurt and sick over this. People who love Penn State REALLY love Penn State. This pain travels the world. If the board CLEANS HOUSE there is no reason to shut down for 5-10 years.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Well, then how do you punish any institution at all? The NCAA doesn’t have the legal ability to penalize someone outside of their jurisdiction- we saw that with Pete Carroll jumping to the NFL without penalty. Jim Tressell paid no price upon his entry into the pro ranks for his part in the OSU scandal. All they can do is slap a “Show Cause” on a coach, and that essentially does nothing.

        It’s all in the NCAA’s hands. They can choose to punish the university for harboring and enabling a pedophile, or they can choose not to, because they feel jerseys-for-ink and paying for a Heisman winner’s house are far more deplorable practices.

        If nothing else, finding a way to throw the book at Penn State will make school think twice before covering up this type of situation.

    • Tammy

      To PSU. I think it was disgusting to see the kids rallying for Paterno. That proves that PSU IS about football. The entire university should be embarrassed with this scandal. Showing their support for Paterno helped show PSU’s real colors. I’m a bit confused why McQueary didn’t go too though and I believe the police who ignored the complaints should be punished but that doesn’t mean Paterno should be there. There comes a time when you have to do the right thing. It doesn’t mater what Paterno did for the school, when it came to waht really matters he ignored it. the right thing to do would have been to pursue justice for these young boys no matter the cost. the student body rallying was an embarrassment. They aren’t upset the President is out,.just JoePa. They aren’t concerned that the university has major flaws and they arent concerned that several boys got raped ans molested, scarred for life by the hands of Sandusky and noone including JoePA stepped up to help them. Everyone half-assed their “attempts”. Football was more important. I don’t care what he did for the school, there are things in life way more important and here are these ignorant kids rallying because they didn’t think it was fair. What wasn’t fair was the tragic vile things that happened at the hands of all who knew, most importantly Sandusky himself! and you are cheering on a “great man”??? Yep, sounds like classless PSU stays true to form!

  • vetdana

    How in the world could this child molesting sexual predator be allowed to continue to have full access to campus facilities even up through last week ? Far too many persons were aware of his past criminal activities and moral debauchery to not have stopped this years ago ! This thing is going to affect the lives of tens of thousands of people when this starts to unravel.Every person involved in this cover up should be held accountable !This is an NCAA scandal of epic proportions and has many victims.

  • Richard Splane

    Hype it up?Overstate it! Must be an elitist Northwestern Grad like Wilpon

  • Jayson

    This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Punish an entire school including staff, students, alumni, student athletes all of whom had absolutely nothing to do with this?

    That is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve ever read. If this is a full time job for you, you should probably consider retiring.

    • sara

      My thoughts exactly

    • StillPSUfan

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! My sentiments exactly. Jeesh!

  • Terry

    Hoge if you like slinging bs so much, quit pretending to be a sports writer and get a job mucking out a stable. Your ideas of how to punish an entire university student body, 27 or so other sports and athletes, faculty etc etc for the actions of one ( nasty noun deleted ) and the inactions of 2 idiots are totally asinine. You punish the ones involved not the ones ( as in most of the current student body and athletes ) that weren’t even in school . The pervert should be spend the rest of his life in prison permently doing his ” turn in the barrel” The idiots whose inaction are the whole cause of the scandal should be punished to what ever limit is available. Spanier and Paterno are going to lose their jjobs because they did not follow up on the actions of the idiots. When JoePa leaves so will the coaching staff. Nebraska, OSU and Wisc are in 7th heaven. PSU will lose the last 3 games of the season, lose recruits and it will probably take a couple years for the football team to recover ( if it ever does). All because of 3 people.

    • suepur911

      no, all because of MANY people, who did nothing, who were made stomach sick by catching sandusky REPEATEDLY. some did nothing because they thought they would lose their jobs. some shrugged it off as ‘horsing around’.
      do you believe that catholic bishops are accountable for the reassignment of pedophile priests? that the higher ups in the military should have taken some responsibility for torture at abu ghraib? with great power comes great responsibility. the buck does eventually stop.

      • silhouette7881

        do you believe that catholic bishops are accountable for the reassignment of pedophile priests? that the higher ups in the military should have taken some responsibility for torture at abu ghraib? with great power comes great responsibility. the buck does eventually stop.

        Yes and yes to both of your questions.

    • Josh Rose

      Penn state should be punished. the whole university should and i already have begun to contact congressman about this and there should be a grass roots effort to get Penn state football shut down for at least 10 years and all there other sports booted from the big ten so that they can be made the example of never do anything remotely like this or your next. this is children were talking about not money buying players is a minute nothing compared to this

    • frank

      When the school admin is corrupt the school is corrupt and must be punished. PSU has severely harmed all the other BIG members by its own actions. They do not deserve to be memners of a great conference and should be suspended from all BIG activities pending a decision to retain or expel them. This goes beyond just sports. It is criminal and no BIG school wants to be a friend and colleague to a criminal institution.

  • Victoria

    To the idiots crying about ‘not punishing an entire university’:

    So by your ‘reasoning’ should all NCAA penalties be abolished? Almost every NCAA punishment ever issued ends up punishing players and coaches who had nothing to do with the violations. USC is the perfect example where the current penalties relate to things that happened years ago.

    The truth is Penn State as an institution failed at multiple levels and Penn State as an instiuttion must be punished. If you cannot see that, you share the football-first moral blindness that led to the tragedy at Penn State.

    • PSULion

      Victoria, Have you looked at the many names of people involved with the Second Mile.. Take a look, should we bring them down as well? Why didn’t they know.. Why didn’t they protect the Children? It’s people like you who want to blame & punish without thinking about what you are saying.. You are the problem in society.. Why don’t you apend time protecting the children in your community? What have you personally done to help end the abuse against OUR Children. Why don’t you spend time thinking about how you can help the World, rather than cast blame on thousands.. you Ignoramous. FYI – Ignorant = stupid

      • DeeDee

        The very first thing the state AG should do is shut down that charity. With Sandusky as a founder, and with him using the charity as a source of his victims, it can be assumed that other pedophiles are associated with the charity. Peophiles would be drawn to Sandusky’s charity like moths to a flame, especially after Sandusky was coddled and covered up for by Penn State.

        In fact, I would look at the big donors first. What were they really paying for?

        It is the very reality that pedophiles talk to other pedophiles about pedophile-friendly organizations that provide access to children that makes this such a horrific issue.

        So, yes, at the very least, the football program should be booted out of the league, the football program should be dismantled, the charity should be shut down, and investigations by at least the state attorney general should be performed.

        Then, if warranted, the state AG can call in the feds.

        Really, I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI isn’t already involved in this.

        And SHAME ON YOU for putting a freaking football team ahead of the safety and welfare of children. Your priorities are heinous.

    • Jay B

      Victoria – how you leap to abolishing all NCAA penalties from someone’s comment about not punishing an entire university makes no sense. No NCAA rules were broken. This has nothing to do with a football first mentality. It’s about criminal activity, legal obligations (that were not met) and moral obligations, where PSU faculty also failed, and they will pay the price for it.

      Thankfully, football isn’t the only thing that matters at my college. My alma mater is ranked among the top 15 public universities. We have one of the highest student-athlete graduation rates in the nation. We are ranked 43rd among universities nationwide. We are renowned and respected for never having committed an NCAA violation in any sport. We have the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. We have over 8,500 top-ranked faculty. We have the largest dues-paying alumni association in the world. We’ve won 68 national team championships (but only 2 on the gridiron). Our libraries are ranked 14th among research libraries in North America. We recently ranked 9th in R&D spending for science & engineering among universities. We are much more than football. We are…Penn State

      • David

        Jay B- As a fellow Alum, well spoken! This is a criminal matter, not a football matter. Joe Paterno has already stepped down and most likely, the remaining staff will either leave on their own accord or be replaced whenever his successor is hired.

        “Success WITH Honor” has been our driving force at Penn State. NO honor has come from the last several days. It’s difficult to be an Alumnus right now, but we’re all full of ever-changing emotions: disgust, anger, frustration, sadness, etc- for the victims…as well as for those in a position to do something…but did not.

        Forget about football…THINK about the victims and let the legal process run its course.

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  • jefe

    It’s good to see all the Penn State apologist out in full force, including Mark S. and his continued name calling. Great to see the Penn State kids rallying behind JoPa a person who didn’t do enough to stop a child predator. When these student have kids of their own, they will understand the gravity of the situation. A child was raped on your school’s grounds and your leadership did nothing!!!

    Thanks for the well written article and stating FACTS which the Penn State homers continue to ignore.

  • Jay B

    Wow, the stupidity of both the author of this article and some of the folks responding to it boggles the mind. This is a legal matter in which 3 individuals will go through due process, and if guilty, will be punished for their actions. There will be a tremendous amount of collateral damage, including dismissal and forced retirements of individuals who have devoted their lives to helping student-athletes. Punishing an entire university for what two idiots and one sexual deviant did is ludicrous. Good luck with your congressman – I’m sure your agenda is at the top of his to do list. Moron.

  • mac

    “After all, as the BCS reminds us every day, the NCAA isn’t a democracy”

    Huh? The NCAA has nothing to do with the BCS. This is why no Division 1 football champion is called an “NCAA champion”. Whatever you want to think of the NCAA if they had control of the D1 post-season there would be a playoff. This is what the NCAA does with every other college sport. The BCS is controlled by conference honchos like Delaney, the Bowl mafia and the media.

    In terms of PSU, I would rather the NCAA nor the Big Ten become involved in this. PSU will be punished enough by the court of public opinion and the courts themselves.

    • DeeDee

      MAC: “PSU will be punished enough by the court of public opinion and the courts themselves”

      Would you say the same thing if Sandusky had repeatedly raped your little brother?

      For the love of God! You are saying that people saying bad things about Penn State is as bad as a little boy getting repeatedly raped!!! Where are your priorities?

  • Geo Steven

    Total Agreement … The Penn State brand is trashed … They add nothing to the B1G now but ridicule … Let that pariah school go back to being independent

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  • Curmudgeon2

    Slow down. These are allegations. We don’t need a lynch mob. What if these accusations are untrue and the men are innocent? You can suspend people based on allegations for a short time, that’s all.

  • StillPSUfan

    Paterno did what he needed to do – he reported it. Why should he feel the need to babysit his superiors instead of trusting that the matter would be handled in the proper manner?

    • D Huber

      As the mother of a child who was a victim in a very similar situation a few years back, none of you have the slightest idea how you would react or what you would do. I will tell you, you are completely overwhelmed, want to kill someone for violating your child, you are confused as to where to go for help, how to handle the situation and you learn very quickly that if the slightest misstep is taken, you run the very real possibility of violating the criminal’s rights or not following some requirement of these charges in the proper time frame ,and then having charges thrown out on stupid technicalities…and the criminal walks away. Joe wasn’t an expert in how to handle this and I’m sure he was overwhelmed, with many conflicting feelings, BUT, did that stop him from reporting it…NO it did not. He reported it immediately and trusted his superiors that they would do the right thing. Administration made huge errors, and if we want to point fingers, let’s point some at the foundation and their inaction in contacting police. How many of you out there have ALWAYS taken the moral road in every single situation you have ever faced? How many times have you heard people say…”I don’t want to get involved”. How many times have you said the same thing? Joe Paterno has done so much good for Penn State and thousands of students yet to hear so many of you, it sounds like he is the criminal, not Sandusky.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      No. He followed protocol. This is why he’s legally absolved.

      However, after seeing that the matter was NOT handled in the proper manner, don’t he and McQueary have a duty as MEN to ensure that justice is meted out and that Sandusky cannot walk free?

      Upon seeing that the system failed innocent children, their inaction is tantamount to agreement that the internal resolution was sufficient… that Sandusky should NOT have faced any legal repercussions. In that way, they tacitly harbored and enabled a pedophile by not taking initiative… and up-and-down the ladder, anyone who was aware is guilty as well- perhaps not of legal statute, but of a crime against humanity for not taking action to get a manster of this magnitude off the streets.

      And JoePa “babysitting his superiors”? Save it for B&B’s signature segment– Like JoePa sees ANYONE associated with PSU as a superior.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        manster, monster… yeah.

  • Jim

    So let me get this right….you’re suggesting that Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney take some devisive action? Think back to the most recent Big Ten debacle ( Delaney lobbying for the Tat 5 to play in the BCS Sugar Bowl ). Does Delaney’s actions in that controversy make you think he is anything near a stalwart individual? Delaney is a hack for the status quo…and nothing more. If he was at Penn St when Sandusky’s crime was outed…he would have led the cover up. Please find yourself someone more worthy of a moral high ground.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/11/09/bernstein-you-must-read-the-grand-jury-report/ Bernstein: You Must Read The Grand Jury Report « CBS Chicago

    […] Monday Night Football, some thought that was the final nail in the coffin in the 2011 season. 303Hoge: If True, Big Ten Should Kick Penn State OutAs far as NCAA scandals go, this is as bad as it gets. It's worse than the worst recruiting […]

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/11/09/bernstein-you-must-read-the-grand-jury-report/ Bernstein: You Must Read The Grand Jury Report « CBS Chicago

    […] Monday Night Football, some thought that was the final nail in the coffin in the 2011 season. 303Hoge: If True, Big Ten Should Kick Penn State OutAs far as NCAA scandals go, this is as bad as it gets. It's worse than the worst recruiting […]

  • KateDodd

    Saying the NCAA doesn’t need to punish the Penn State football program is absurd. This sounds like a classic case of lack of institutional control. From the janitors to the president no one did anything to help these young boys. Sorry PSU fans the truth hurts.

  • http://www.cyclonefanatic.com/forum/general-college-sports/132383-what-happening-penn-state-31.html#post2495003 What is happening at Penn State?!?! - Page 31 - CycloneFanatic

    […] permalink Originally Posted by InCytful One of the local sports talk radio hosts suggested cancelling the game, and the Husker fans came out of everywhere to tell him that was BS Not as bad as this ******* article: If True, Big Ten Should Kick Penn State Out […]

  • dummer now

    I am now dummer for readin’ this artikle. thanx.

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