Bernstein: You Must Read The Grand Jury Report

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

(CBS) The Devil is in the details.

They hurt to read, I won’t lie to you. You cannot un-know them or un-see them. You will stop multiple times in the 23 pages of the grand jury report, needing to avert your eyes or shudder.

But you have to do it. You have to read every word, every sickening description and every name involved in the institutionalized evil at Penn State. Your opinion about anything going on is invalid if you have not yet done so.

Here it is. Read it.

You are simply not allowed to say “I don’t want to,” or “I can’t handle it.” Jerry Sandusky’s victims and their families endured – and continue to endure — unspeakable horror.

The least you can do is be as informed as possible about the hideousness in Happy Valley. It will sear your soul, and it’s your obligation to confront the truth at its most real and painful. Relying on watered-down characterization of the acts is a cop-out.

Here it is. Read it.

This is not a Sex Scandal, as TV graphics scream. This is not a college football scandal, to be compared and contrasted with point-shaving, cash to recruits or swag traded for tats. This is a deep, ongoing conspiracy to conceal and abet child abuse by a state-run university.

Read about the victim-farm Sandusky created in 1977 (!) under the veil of charity, cultivating vast fields of potential prey. See with your own eyes what he did and how he did it, then have a thought.

Do not dare to call a radio show, send an email, post on social media, or comment at the conclusion of this column until you have taken the time to read every word. Until you do, nothing you think or say matters one iota.

Here it is. Read it.

Familiarize yourself with the unimaginable cowardice of Mike McQueary. Know what Joe Paterno knew, and had to know. Learn about standard operating procedure at the school’s highest levels, and the sway held by football. Inhumane crimes were occurring deep in the hills of Pennsylvania, and merciless men ensured that they would continue unchecked.

Most importantly, we must stop with comfortable euphemisms that ease the pain of confronting these brutal crimes. This is not “horseplay,” or “inappropriate acts,” or even “sodomy.” It’s worse. We have a solemn responsibility to expose these infections to sunlight, trying as hard as we can to understand as much as we can.

You will not think as you did before. You saw the idiot students chanting football cheers last night on Paterno’s lawn, and have heard from the cult of apologists. You will want to kill all of them.

You will want Sandusky torn to shreds by animals behind bars.

Here it is. Read it.

You may feel as I do, wishing you actually believed in Hell.

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Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein has been the co-host of “Boers and Bernstein” since 1999. He joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995. The Boers and Bernstein Show airs every weekday from 1PM to 6PM on The Score, 670AM. Read more of Bernstein’s columns here. Follow him on Twitter @dan_bernstein.
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  • B Brown

    I did read the report…. I’m a different person for reading it… Strange, I felt like I needed to finish it..

    When this predator was told in 1999 he was not going to be the next head coach at PSU he retired… Having full use of the facilities was PART OF HIS RETIREMENT NEGOTIATION!!! AND THEY AGREED!!!

    It the “Genovese Syndrome”…. Diffusion of responsibility…..

    B. Brown…

  • Bronzo

    Read the report yesterday, made me sick to my stomach… and as a father of 2 girls I understand Dan’s rage.

    That being said I need to know what Paterno knew…McQueary did he not stop it!! Sandusky will rot in hell ( I actually believe there is a place).

    Paterno knew this guy for over 30 years, was he fooled or was he a fool?

    • DeeDee

      I don’t think it matters whether he was a fool or not. It’s clear he knew at least by 2009, yet did nothing to bring the perps to the attention of the police. Indeed, as long as Sandusky didn’t bring the kids on campus, apparently Paterno had no problems with Sandusky continuing to use his “charity” as a child sex slave facility.

      I am shocked that Penn State students are actually rioting in support of Paterno. My message to them is this: You support Paterno? Great. Bring your little brothers in for Sandusky and his rich pals to rape.

      Penn State must be prepared for the AG investigation that will almost certainly take place. See, when an organization is known as a safe haven for pedophiles, especially when the organization sanctions the child rapes happening in their facilities, it will attract many, many more pedophiles.

    • jendonn

      HE WAS COMPLICIT!!!!!!!!! how did you read this and the man in charge is NOT SURE what he was told or heard or how he interpreted what he was told. People like you allow for this kind of thinking to be acceptable. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • David

    Read the report yesterday… I have 3 kids 2 boys and a little girl I cant believe that this “incident” has been allowed since 1998 and now more than 20 boys are coming forward. This man needs to get his wish “I wish I were dead” someone needs to grant that. Penn State needs to drop out of NCAA football for the rest of the year because it should have NO coaching staff and NO Football people until this is resolved! I feel bad for the current crop of players but it needs to happen.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Agreed. Clean the house, fire everyone.

      Hire an interim solution just to get them through the year… then, the NCAA should allow the current crop of players and recruits to transfer/decommit without penalty.

    • DeeDee

      I totally agree, David.

      People do not become pedophiles late in life. It is a criminal mindset that exists from early on. So Sandusky has been committing child rapes for many, many years. Others certainly knew before 2008, yet that is reportedly the first time Paterno, or anyone else in power, heard about it?

      An organization that sanctions child rapes in its facilities, and coddles the pedophile when he is caught, will attract many other pedophiles.

      There is no telling how many of the people in positions of power at Penn State are part of this child rape culture that was allowed to flourish at Penn State.

      If Penn State won’t do the right thing and withdraw from sports until the investigation is finalized, then sports organizations will have to do it for them. And if they won’t do it, then the State Attorney General’s office will have to force the issue.

      • Lea Brown

        I have one thing to argue…. you read ALL 8 victims right?? If so, you should know that Joe Paterno was informed of an “incident” in 2002 NOT 2009. Read it again if you must. but 2002 is when Paterno was informed by McQuery.

    • jendonn

      DO NOT PUNISH THE PLAYERS! For the egos of Old MEN! My daughters go to Penn State, My husband makes $50,000.00 a year, I tried to get any job at Penn State so we could afford to give our kids a college education. I have a college degree and worked in a law firm but would take a janitor position if it would afford tuition discounts for my kids. The hard working folks like the janitors had to decide between their kids futures and the victims. Because men in power DID NOTHING! THE KNEW AND CREATED AN ENVIRONMENT OF CULPABILITY! WHY SHOULD A KIDS SCHOLARSHIP/ FUTURE BE DISSOLVED BECAUSE OF THE ACTIONS OF THESE MEN????

  • 23 Pages Later

    Will Coach Joey Pimphouse get booed off the stage in Columbus or Madison or, preferably, this Saturday in University Park? Unlikely. As a group, we’re a herd of turds. Have an I-Me-Mine Day.

    • Nick C

      As a graduate of the University of Madison-Wisconsin, and frequent football goer, I know that fan base. And the “Boos” will be louder than ever. They will be relentless and as harsh as ever. I hope so

  • northside guy

    Dan & Terry. As the father of two small boys (6 & 7)I enjoy your show very much for the lightness and escape it offers from the daily rigors of life. I’m exceptionally grateful though that you’ve taken a very serious tone to your extensive coverage of the Penn State child abuse coverage. If there are any naysayers out there who say you are spending too much time on this and want to get back to business as usual please ignore them. You cannot possibly spend enough time on exposing the institutionally sanctioned rape of innocent children exactly for what it is. Gentlemen, carry on.

    Best regards,

    northside guy

  • Harry's Phlegm

    Read it. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration by some calling it the biggest scandal in college sports history. It’s not about sports, but really it kind of is because of the importance so many place on college and pro sports. Because it’s overvalued and worshipped the powers-that-be (athletes, coaches, adminstrators, etc.) feel like they can get away with anything.

    This was all about protecting the institution not the victims. How many kids would have been saved if they did something about this in 1997, 1999, 2002 or whenever?

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • jendonn

      i AGREE FOR THE MOST PART, but the cover up was for Egos first and Monetary game secondary. Nothing else was of importance to these self absorbed corruptors.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Just read the report. Sickening.

    Victim #4 seems to be the ‘in’ for making this a Federally prosecutable case, as the victim was transported across state lines to the Alamo Bowl… and for him to coerce the child through threatening him? Awful.

    The victim 7/8 story was just heartbreaking, where the older janitor was so distraught that they thought he was going to have a heart attack from his findings. Unfortunately, the man will not be capable to testify at this point.

    • Lynne

      I was angry at the janitor…until I read the report. I understand he was an elderly man. Helpless to do anything. McQuaery (sp), Is he gone yet? He better be.

      Sigh. So many boys could have been saved.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    “One of the questions surrounding the sex-abuse case against Jerry Sandusky is why a former district attorney chose not to prosecute the then-Penn State assistant coach in 1998 after reports surfaced that he had inappropriate interactions with a boy.

    The answer is unknowable because of an unsolved mystery: What happened to Ray Gricar, the Centre County, Pa., district attorney?”

    • Rob McMillin

      I saw that earlier in the day and have to wonder just what kind of horror lies at the bottom of this. Something much more evil.

      It occurs to me that a meaningful “death penalty” in football would be a good idea. Not the current, tepid proscription on bowl games, but a real shutdown that lasts for, say, five years, during which the school is not allowed to field a team for serious violations of the NCAA rules. Within a decade, football would cease to exist.

  • Elizabeth O'Brien

    thank you. i had already read it and could dispute my co-workers who felt sorry for Paterno and PSU . I said I felt sorry for the kids who were hurt and have been changed forever. When they continued to state their case, I asked each one, if your son was one of the children hurt by this abuser after his actions were known and ignored, would you still feel sorry for them?

    • Chris in Scottsdale


      Unfortunately, the fact that you have to try and put people in the shoes of the parents is maddening.

      It shouldn’t take that for people to be outraged by the University’s complicity in enabling and harboring someone they KNEW at the very least to be a suspected pedophile, and more likely a serial child rapist.

      Anyone with a sense of decency, whether they have children or not, should be outraged.

  • Charles E Parker

    Couldnt get past Victim 1 its enough for me and you can live with the nightmares and read the rest.

  • Jeff5

    I read it. I don’t know why, but I read it.

    This man is an unmitigated monster and will hopefully be punished to the fullest extent of the law and rot in the deepest hell possible when his day comes. The administration at Penn State should be ashamed at themselves and horrified at the extent to which this predator assaulted innocent children on their campus and on their watch.

  • Aggravated Bob

    Current and former players may be insensitive and are flat out stupid for attempting to rally behind Joe Paterno because he has disgraced them also. They are INNOCENT victims of this, also. They don’t get it. When they signed a Letter of Intent to attend The Pennsylvania State University they did not know they were going to attend Kiddie Diddler University. The majority of the Penn State Community is not involved in some massive cover up. Paterno is TRASHING an entire town and community with his arrogance.

    • Chris in Scottsdale


      You’re right, and unfortunately these players will be collateral damage to a lesser degree… and that’s why I feel the NCAA should allow current players to transfer without penalty.

      I knew Paterno was always a bit arrogant, but I felt previously that was because he had earned it to a degree due to his success… but now? I think he’s power-drunk beyond belief.

  • Disgruntled Rand

    Absolutely horrible to read. As a father of a 10 year old, it resonated even more. Paterno retires? I don’t care how old he is, he should share the same sentence as all of those other enablers. As far as I’m concerned, he was an accessory to the crime itself. Damn them all.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Dan you did a difficult public service.

  • brett

    Has anyone asked Matt Millen why he continued to support the second mile organization 9 years after the founder of the group and his friend was removed from interacting with children?

    Did he ask why he was not permitted to interact with children ?

    Did he know Sandusky was removed from that capacity ?


    Will Gricar’s disappearance turn into foul play ?

    • Jack

      TO be fair, supporting a organization for troubled youth is a good thing.

      Should the organization have taken further steps to ensure sandusky was away if they knew anything, yes. Should Matt Millen stop supporting second mile if he thought they did good works> No.

      • DeeDee

        To be fair, would you continue to allow your small children to be associated with that charity after the founder was accused of decades of child raping, using the charity as a source for his victims?

        As I’ve said previously here, if an organization has a child rapist in a position of power, and that child rapist has used the organization as a source for his victims, that organization has attracted many, many more child rapists who will use their positions of power for the same thing.

        I would suspect some of the board members and other organizational officers are pedophiles. It would be very surprising if that was not the case.

        The state AG should shut down the charity until they have completed an investigation.

      • Lea Brown

        I am not sure I can agree with DeeDee. These kids NEED some sort of charity and the charity IN ITSELF is a GREAT thing for the community. AND I believe (but never researched this so don’t know “statistics”) that it should be HARDER for pedophiles like that to enter the SAME place TWICE. I would like to think that others involved with the charity would bet 200x MORE aware of who is coming in after such an awful travesty was committed within their organization

  • cpop82

    If Penn State has the honor they have always claimed they would shut down their football program after this year and allow all scholarship players to go to other schools or stay and receive an academic scholarship. They should leave the program shut down until this crime is adjudicated. This action would be a way for the School and their Alumni to show this crime is much bigger than a football program and would restore at least some honor and show these broken families and children that someone cares.

  • george

    every boy who was raped after 2002, was raped by JOEPA, plain and simple…. this man should be banned from college sports forever, and ever…. more than a lifetime…. this is just like watergate… it comes out slowly day, after day, after day…. i know we have not been told the whole story yet…

  • Blueman

    How should this have been handled by the University? Here is an idea. My son graduated from West Point. They have a motto there that says, A cadet shall not lie, cheat , steal or tolerate those who do. During one semester a classmate tried to set up a cocaine selling business. Another classmate reported it. The incident was quickly investigated. Then an honor board consisting of fellow cadets, and faculty members. The cadet was found guilty and expelled. Then he pleaded guilty to selling drugs at a Federall institution and was sent to Leavenworth to serve his sentence. This all happened very quickly.

  • Jason

    Penn State’s new logo:

  • JJ

    I am disgusted and saddened…
    How could this guy spend such an inordinate amount of time with young boys and nobody take notice???
    And the sleep overs???
    And his wife???
    Question everything…and SPEAK UP PEOPLE!!!

  • Creighton

    Here come the feds, and about damn time. If the US department of education is just the begining, if they find fault with Penn state it will be the FBI next. I hear the FBI has just a slight problem with serial child rapists and those that help them and protect them.


    Made it through page 1. I’m not going any further.
    Sickening enough.

  • BWeb

    JoePa needs to go now not after the season, sign the petition! Spread the petition! Make it happen!

  • Tony

    I listened to what was left of your show today on my way home from work and heard you mention this. Not having had all the facts I wanted to be certain of those facts before I said another word of this ordeal. For the “top brass” to dismiss eyewitnesses is unfathomable. For the rest of the janitorial staff to be more concerned about losing their jobs than the physical and emotional well-being of a child, unthinkable. This entire matter is disgusting, startling and heartbreaking.

  • Newman

    Great article. This topic is much more important than Bears news or the NBA lockout garbage. This is one of the reasons why I listen to this show. I don’t always agree but usually I’m entertained. When important news like this happens… the commentary is second to none. I agree 100% with firing JoePa asap and I hope the pedophile piece of garabge gets his very soon in prison.

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