Chicago Man Beaten At Night Club, In Coma

CHICAGO (CBS) — A much-loved Chicago man took a beating apparently for just saying hello to someone he thought he knew.

Now Joey Majumdar fighting for his life, CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

Majumdar is a well-known member of Chicago’s fashion, social and humanitarian set.

Police say he was at Cuvee, a club at 308 W. Erie St. in River North, when someone threw him to the ground and beat him early Thursday morning. He was in a coma Thursday night.

Police do not have anyone in custody.

Whoever harmed Majumdar “should be behind bars,” his sister, Puravi Majumdar, says.

“This is too much for the family,” she added. “He’s an innocent guy, really loved by everyone, all the people.”

Officials at the club could not be reached for comment.

  • Human Being

    F*ck you for your insensitive comment. He is fighting for his life.. What if this happened to your father, brother, uncle, son? If this hasn’t happened to you already, I wish it does so you would know what it feels like. You lack of compassion shows that this should happen to you…
    You are a SOULLESS human being.

  • Hortense Springfield

    Wow!!! What is wrong with someone speaking? Why did someone so evil have to beat Joey, My prayers are with you Joey.

  • sheri

    what the hell is wrong with the club officials? why are they not stepping up?

  • Sweta

    He is my uncle guys..I know he is the best human being in the world..Please please just pray for him…

  • Lyndia

    Gary is an honorary member of the Stuck on Stupid bunch so don’t be mad at him human being. The longer you read this site, you are going to find a lot of people think like him. Stuck on Stupid, Locked in on Dumb and looking for Ingorant.

    My prayers go out to Joey. He sounds like a terrific guy.

    • Human Being

      My original comment was replying to another ignorant and hateful post, similar to yours. So… here’s the restamping of the time stamp and the same response goes to you.

    • Gary Gnu

      @Human Being, AGAIN, I said I hope this man will come out of this OK. What is wrong with you people? There is nothing insensitive or souless about my comment, I hope him the best. I was only speculating why someone would beat him up. I don’t condone beating down people at random.

  • Jaye

    I definitely hope that everything will be fine. I will pray for him & his loved ones.

  • KXB

    Yup, no better place to find the “truth” than an anonymous posting. This is what happens when you eat paint chips as a kid.

    • Don't Eat Paint Chips!

      @KXB, You ate paint chips as a kid? Old paint contains lead, you should have yourself tested, lead is a very poisonous substance!!!

  • KXB


    Interesting choice of words, “exposed” “fruit boy” – somebody sure is insecure. Hey, we don’t judge here.

  • suraiya,rahman

    my prayers goes out to joey and his family. Hope he recovers soon.Did they catch the culprit?hope he gets the needed punishment for his actions. a well wisher

  • Concerned Citizen

    Does anyone have an update on his condition? Did they find the low life that did this shameful act?

  • friend from MPLS

    The fact that “grown adults” are using this site to fight with their words is unbelievable! I man is in a coma n all u all can worry about is who has the last word.. My prayers go out to Joey and his family and friends!

  • charla

    OMG Joey is one of my very close friends and he is probably one of the most amazing person I know. This makes me so sick to stomach! My prayers are with you my Joey! Love you

  • tiff

    Someone please keep us posted! He is so sweet and does not deserve this! Praying for Joey!

  • sorg

    If the staff was as concerned for its patrons as much as they are about getting paid this would never happen. I have been here about a dozen times and everytime its the same.. This place is a joke, will never go back!

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