(WSCR) Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs may be in their early 30s, but don’t tell them they are old.

“I told (Urlacher) my grandmother is old,” Briggs told The Score’s Laurence Holmes on Wednesday night. “She just turned 80. We’re in our 30s — we’re not old. We’re playmakers and that’s what we’re going to keep doing.”

Urlacher, who called in to join Briggs and Holmes, agreed.

“If you turn the film on and look at us play, and you don’t know who we are, you wouldn’t think we are the age we are,” Urlacher said.

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With a key divisional matchup coming up against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Urlacher said this could be the team’s biggest game of the season.

“It’s big,” he said. “This is a divisional game. It gives us a chance to win four in a row. If we win this game, we’re tied with Detroit in the division, record-wise. They’re still up on us because they’ve won one more divisional game, but this is a monster. This is our biggest game of the season, no doubt. ”

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