Walter’s Perspective: Remember The Penn State Victims

CHICAGO (CBS) — About Penn State tonight, I must’ve read and heard a million words about Joe Paterno and his teams and the tradition of Penn State and the shame of the board of trustees.

Oh, how sorry they are, and how they’re trying to maintain the integrity and reputation of Penn State – blah, blah, blah. Maybe 10 million words about the integrity and reputation of Penn State.

Not one word – zero — about trying to help the children who’ve been damaged by sex abuse. I haven’t heard anybody on the board of trustees say anything about where those children are or about their anguish or whether Penn State is doing anything to ease their pain.

Not one word from the trustees — or Paterno – describing the horr of sex abuse. Not a word about a commitment to support a national or even local campaign to prevent the abuse of children.

The trustees are making it clear that Penn State is not about children. It’s about Penn State.

  • sickened

    Sports fans care nothing about the crime committed or the victims. They only care about winning. They’ll turn a blind eye to whatever happens as long as their team is a winner. Parents will say they don’t want their children to attend a college where this happened. The protesters seem to care little for the crime or the victims, only the status of the football team.

    If some pro football team needs a coach and thinks Sandusky or Paterno would help them win, they’d hire them on in a minute and that teams fans would support it and care nothing about what they did or the young lives that have been damaged. Just look at the Eagles & Micheal Vick where someone doing time wouldn’t get an interview for a job but is welcomed by fans and team owners for millions.

    The double standards for sports stars is sickening!

  • Sandra Stilling Seehausen

    Thank you, Mr. Jacobsen, for your excellent commentary last night on the 10 PM news reminding all of the horror of sex abuse and the need to focus on the victims and their families who will suffer a lifetime.

    How about Penn State providing free lifetime counseling for all known victims and their families AND ask any other victims to speak up.
    Sandra Stilling Seehausen, president
    Chicagoland Voice of the Faithful

  • Beth Greenberger

    Dear Mr. Jacobson,

    Your commentary last night was stunning. I appreciate how you addressed the heart of the matter: that Penn State discounts the hurt and anguish caused by the heinous crime and coverup when it focuses on the institution’s integrity rather than the welfare of the young victims. Penn State can hardly claim the title as a site for higher education when it models such low standards?

    Thank you for caring so much for all the victims that suffered these brutal attacks by humanity. Everyone has a responsibility to be vigilant and to never fear flushing these predators out.


    Beth G

  • Chuck

    Well said. How could the coach, witness what he did and, walk away? Shame. The rest of the participants in the rape? Shame.
    Who knows how difficult the future of those children will be.

  • Elektrische Zahnbuerste

    Hey! Nice stuff, do tell us when you post something like that!

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