Domestic Violence Victim Must Pay Imprisoned Husband Who Attacked Her

WOODSTOCK, Ill. (CBS) — A woman known as a vocal advocate for the rights of domestic violence, and a victim herself, has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars to the man convicted of trying to kill her.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Berner reports, Carolyn Mahoney, 70, was beaten in the face with a blunt object, and then locked in the garage of their Bull Valley home, where two cars were idling. Her ex-husband, Billy J. Cox, also 70, was convicted of attempted murder and aggravated battery in the attack in 2007, the Northwest Herald reported.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Berner reports

Since the attack, Mahoney, formerly Carolyn Cox, has become a known for her advocacy and public speaking on behalf of domestic violence victims, the newspaper reported.

But this week, McHenry County Judge Gerald M. Zopp found Mahoney in civil contempt of court for failing to transfer an IRA account in her name over to Cox, the Northwest Herald reported. To avoid a 90-day jail sentence, she was ordered to pay back $75,852.76 to Cox, the newspaper reported.

Cox was a millionaire businessman who founded the successful agricultural firm Exacto Inc. He married Mahoney in 1961, and their net worth was estimated at $10 million, the Tribune reported in 2007.

Defense attorneys at Cox’s trial claimed that Mahoney had been injured by falling out of bed, but she said she had never fallen out of bed before, the Tribune reported.

After being convicted, Cox was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He is serving his sentence at the Dixon Correctional Center.

This past June, Mahoney accused Cox in a civil lawsuit of soliciting fellow inmates at the prison to kill her, the Tribune reported.

  • Alex

    Well, fair is fair. What about his half of the ten million? Has he already received that? The story doesn’t mention anything about that. Some people have alot of gall, witholding money belonging to someone else.

    • Annie

      Spoken like a true man. You are an idiot!!!

      • Alex

        Take it easy there Annie. If you split 10 million in half, his share would be 5 million, plus the $75,852. I am not an idiot, I have made a valid point! He will probably only do 10 or 12 years, he’s going to need a bundle to thrive on after he gets out. Fair is fair!!!

      • NWA

        @ Alex:

        First of all the man is seventy, he may never get out. Well, at least not while he’s able to stand up.


    • Roberta Waker

      Fair is fair? If someone raped you, robbed you, and tried to kill you; would YOU be willing to give them half of YOUR assets? He tried to KILL her – he deserves nothing. PERIOD. As for withholding money belonging to someone else, our government does that all the time.

  • HotStilletos

    Oh please. This Cox guy is a F’N PIG. Does any care about domestic violence victims anymore? This Cox guy is soliciting inmates in prison to kill this woman. Why isn’t the idiot judge and prosecutor doing anything about that? Is it because he is a man? This is sickening!!!

  • Roberta Waker

    Too bad she didn’t kill him in self defense when he tried to kill her; this wouldn’t be an issue and justice would have been served. Paying anything to someone who tries to kill or rob you is stupidity and there is something very wrong with any law that allows it. If they are divorced, everything should have been settled when the divorce became final and there shouldn’t be any loose ends.

  • HUH

    Gerald Zopp needs to be replaced or ousted.Sometimes common sense outweighs the lhe so called law.

  • Domestic Violence Victim Must Pay Imprisoned Husband Who Attacked Her | Women's Self Defense Federation

    […] To avoid a 90-day jail sentence, she was ordered to pay back $75,852.76 to Cox, the newspaper reported…. For The Rest Of The Story: Click Here […]

  • Jinxy

    Looks like Judge Zopp in McHenry County needs a wake up call with a visit and protest by dozens of women’s anti violence groups, make sure the TV stations are there and start a recall if Zopp is an elected official, file complaint with the state judiciary board if he was appointed. This woman’s husband is still trying to get someone to kill her, her injuries were horrific, he didn’t want a divorce Cox just wanted her dead so he could have all the money. Women it’s time to stand up, don’t let judges get away with this old school women beaters are just fine and it’s okay. IT”S NOT OKAY, stand up for your friends, daughters and sisters who are being beaten, some of them will die and with judges like Zopp their killers won’t pay.

  • Centurion

    She should take the 75 Thou and spend it wisely on a professional and have the judge beaten about the face with a blunt object

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