Fire Official, Police Diver Scuffle At Rescue Scene: Sources

CHICAGO (CBS) – Sources say a Chicago Fire captain shoved a police officer earlier this month, as they tried to rescue two men from the water near Goose Island.

So how did this scene turn so ugly?

As CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports, it was a close call on the early morning of Nov. 1. During the emergency call, two people were in trouble in the Chicago River’s North Branch near North and Magnolia avenues.

Chicago firefighters and police officers responded, and the two victims were rescued. But sources tell CBS 2 a police diver was the victim of a battery, and a fire captain was the alleged aggressor.

One source says when the police diver went to work on the rescue, the fire captain tried to stop him and either shoved him or threw him to the ground.

CBS 2 spoke with the captain’s wife, who dismissed the allegations.

“It’s all gossip,” she said. “It’s all people making up stories.”

But why would they do such a thing?

“They do that, I don’t know. It’s nothing. I’m serious,” she said.

She went on to say that the captain had suffered no consequences for the alleged incident.

“Not arrested, not suspended, there’s no charges that have been filed. They probably won’t,” the captain’s wife said.

But a CBS 2 source says the police diver has filed a case report against the fire captain alleging battery.

As for what happened, another source says when the police diver went to work on the rescue, the fire captain tried to stop him, and either shoved him or threw him to the ground.

“If you have any questions, ask the Fire Department,” the captain’s wife said. “They’ll tell you what you need to know.”

A Fire Department spokesman says there is an active investigation into the alleged incident.

Police said the men the two first responders were rescuing had been drinking by the banks of the river and ended up slipping into the water. Crews rescued the men and took them both to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

  • Bob Hamilton

    So due to the lack of facts available to the readers, this story can be summed up as – maybe something happened. Are there any more reporters in the world?

  • Bob Hamilton

    OK, I’m not referring to you Kristyn. You’re pretty!

  • Chuck

    This incident happened several weeks ago, what took so long to report it?

  • no clout

    does the captain have clout?

  • A Reminder

    The highest ranking firefighter at the scene of an emergency is always the one in charge of that scene.Fire dept ONE Poooolice nothing!!!!!

    • cfd008

      shut up. you make the department look worse than it is. dork.

    • jjoan

      well your wrong, and even if it was true it does not make it OK to attack a police officer trying to do his job

  • typical

    How convenient they leave out the most incriminating facts??!! The Fire captain was DRUNK and there IS video of the entire incident so I’m not too sure why his wife is acting as if her husband did no wrong. I mean, I understand firemen are ‘God’s children’, but this guy is a p.o.s! He is widely disliked by his peers, being a known scab and all, but true to Chicago fashion…he’s connected and will be taken care of by the corrupt in charge.

  • Chivi

    Once the police and firefighters share a station, more brawls are going to break out. I’m better than you!! No I’m better than you!! Who said?? Shut up!! Punch!! Sock!! WHamo!!

  • TOM

    What fireman in Chicago is not a DRUNK

    • typical


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