Occupy Chicago To ‘Celebrate’ After U Of C Postpones Condi Rice Talk

CHICAGO (CBS) — Occupy Chicago protesters plan to celebrate Monday, after the University of Chicago postponed a planned discussion with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The discussion had been set for 7 p.m. Monday between Rice and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who is now serving as distinguished senior fellow at the U of C’s Harris School for Public Policy Studies.

But due to what the U of C calls an “unforeseen scheduling conflict,” the talk has been postponed. The U of C has not set a new date.

But on its own Web site, Occupy Chicago characterized Paulson and Rice as having “backed out,” after a campaign of protest against their talk.

“A Conversation with Condoleezza Rice” was to be free, but open only to the U of C students, faculty and staff. A live webcast of the event was also planned.

In a news release, the U of C pointed out that Rice “faced a range of challenges in national security and diplomacy” as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, but did not specify what subjects would be covered in the discussion.

“Condi brings a fascinating perspective as an accomplished academic leader who also provided strong leadership to our nation during a period of formidable international policy challenges, intense debate and transition,” Paulson said in the release.

In light of the postponement, Occupy Chicago now plans to hold a “celebration of the power of community action” rather than a protest from 6 to 7 p.m. across the street from the International House, the university-operated hostel and program center at 1414 E. 59th St. where the talk was to have been held.

  • Occupy Losers Stink!

    These occupy protesters make me sick! Dr. Rice, a war criminal? Who the hell is this Robicheaux trash to make a statement like that? A war criminal? Like Saddam, Osama, and the idiot president of Iran? These occupy nuts have some pretty messed up perceptions of reality..

    • 12

      Yeah. She IS a war criminal. She and everyone in the Bush administration. Increasingly those involved in the Obama administration too. What else should we call it when we send in troops to a country (Iraq) unaffiliated with a group that attacked America (Al Quida) under the misrepresentation that they were working together (Saddam was in fact keeping Al Quida from ever getting a foothold) and that Saddam had WMDs (he didn’t) and while we were there killed over innocent 100,000 civilians. Nope not a war criminal.

      I do wish she was still coming though. I don’t think she hears the truth to her face too often. She is probably unaware we were even going to be going. Schedule likely changed by her handlers.

      • 12

        Actually, I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent. I don’t see myself voting for any of the current GOP possible candidates nor Obama. America as a nation may have never targetted civilians, but we never went out of our way to protect the lives of the people either. I repeat, since 2003 there have been over 100,000 CIVILIANS killed as a direct result of our illegal invasion of Iraq. By comparison roughly 3,000 people died on 9/11. I don’t want to take anything away from that. It was a horrible thing to have happen and 3,000 people were needlessly killed in a terrible act of both evil and cowardice, however, in 8 years we are now responsible for the deaths of more than 30 times as many people being killed. I support our military men and women. I couldn’t do what they do on a daily basis. I have met a number of vets who have come back with PTSD or otherwise injured, but it is a very important distinction that I support them 110%, but I do not support the cause that they fight for one bit. It is not right, it should not have happened and it is an act of terrorism by our government against the people of Iraq.

      • G.W. Rocks!

        I supported the Iraq war 100%. Saddam repeatedly slapped the world in the face. The UN threatened severe consequences for breaking one sanction after another. But when it came time to enact those severe consequences, CERTAIN members of the UN failed to act and do what was neccessary. We already knew Saddam had used chemical weapons in the past. Chemical weapons are WMD’s. Don’t forget, unlike Saddam, America NEVER targets innocent civilians, in fact, we go to great lengths to avoid it. You are obviously a Democrat, my condolences!!!

  • Colette Robicheaux

    Hey, I’m Colette Robicheaux, and I definitely never said that…. Students had no intention of shutting down this talk. We only wanted to express our frustration with the system of which Paulson and Rice are an integral part in a forum where our questions would have to be answered. Nobody is more disappointed than me that this talk was cancelled, and honestly I see it as a sign they can’t handle free inquiry after all. I was definitely very seriously misquoted and misrepresented in this article, as was I think the entire group organizing this demonstration.

  • Frank Diekman

    Why is the word ‘ceebrate’ in the headline in quotes? Is the implication that they’re not actually celebrating?

    • Brendan Leonard

      No one actually ever used the word celebrate to describe what will be happening at tonight’s event. Just another instance of bad reporting in this piece that will probably end up getting copied by other media sources. Don’t you just love CBS Local?

      All that the students are doing is engaging in their own exchange of ideas and debate since the University deprived them of that opportunity by canceling the event.

  • Dave

    Poor liberals. With the Bush administration long gone now, and their boy in charge, their lives are still pathetic. They’re simply lashing out at anyone, searching for someone to blame for their sad, sorry lives. That’swhat you get when you place your life’s hopes in government. They’ll never learn.

    • LOTD

      @ Dave – well said !!!!

  • Dasha Polzik

    NEWS RELEASE: November 14, 2011

    [Dasha Polzik, dashapolzik@gmail.com]

    University of Chicago cancels Henry Paulson/Condoleezza Rice event following protest plans

    CHICAGO – This morning, citing “an unforeseen scheduling conflict,” the University of Chicago has postponed a planned discussion between former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, currently a Harris School fellow at the university.

    Protests of the two speakers had been planned inside and outside the event, which was to take place at International House at 1414 East 59th Street on the university’s campus. Occupy Chicago’s nightly 7pm General Assembly was to relocate to the Midway, facing International House, joining with university affiliates and South Side residents in a response to the speakers and celebration of freedom of expression. As of 2 pm today, this plan remains in place.

    Students involved in UChicago Occupy and Occupy Chicago had been among the organizers of protest activities. “Paulson and Rice represent the ultimate symbols of the collusion of corporate and government interests,” said Brendan Leonard, a student at the University of Chicago and a member of UChicago Occupy. “The careers of Paulson and Rice trace the interconnections between corporate money, political power, and academia. Both have moved from government administration to business management and back again, shaping policies that impact millions of people despite never running for election,” agreed Peter Fugiel, a UChicago Ph.D. student in the Sociology Department and a member of UChicago Occupy.

    Provost Thomas Rosenbaum and Dean of Students Kimberly Goff-Crews sent an email on Sunday evening to the entire campus community, requesting that “protesters … express their views in a peaceful manner that does not prevent invited guests from speaking.” By Monday morning, the university had announced postponement of the event to an unspecified future date. “It seems odd that the university administration would apparently duck the very opportunity for reasoned debate that they claimed to want to uphold,” said Rebecca Zorach, a professor in the Art History Department at UChicago.

    Students were disappointed in the postponement of the talk. “Our intention had been to read a brief introduction of the speakers at the beginning of the talk,” said Dasha Polzik, a UChicago Ph.D. student in the Philosophy Department and a member of UChicago Occupy. “We wanted to express our frustration with the system of which Paulson and Rice are an integral part in a forum where our questions would have to be answered.”

    In June, Henry Paulson established the Henry Paulson Institute at the University of Chicago. The two former Bush administration officials have found many critics on campus among students, staff, and faculty.

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