Parents Furious About BB Gun-Wielding Child At School

CHICAGO (CBS) — An angry mother is demanding answers, after her young son told her he was threatened with a BB gun at a Chicago Public elementary school on the city’s Far South Side.

As CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports, the boy was one of three children who found themselves at the point of the weapon at school.

And while the boy says he told a teacher, but his mother said she didn’t find out about it for hours.

Police were out on Monday at the Ralph Metcalfe Elementary Community Academy, at 12339 S. Normal Ave. in the West Pullman neighborhood. Officers were back out on Tuesday again to take a supplemental police report, after they say the young victim changed his story.

Police say the fifth-grade boy did not initially claim the BB gun was pointed at him, but he later told his mother that the weapon was indeed pointed at him. This prompted officers to take the additional report.

It is not clear if the BB gun was loaded.

The 13-year-old boy who brought the weapon to school has been suspended.

“A gun was pointed at him. He didn’t know if it was a BB gun or a real gun,” said the boy’s mother, Jillian McDaniels. “So the frisked the kids, and it was a BB gun. My son called me and told me the incident. I went to the police station.”

Another mother, Danielle Powell, said her daughter also had the BB gun pointed at her.

“My child informed me that a child pointed a weapon in her face. The principal ignored it. No one – anyone – from CPS contacted me concerning this matter,” Powell said.

While the boy who pointed the BB gun has only been suspended so far, he could face additional charges.

Meanwhile, parents of the three young victims all came to the school Tuesday. McDaniels and Powell are most angry about the fact that they were not informed about the incident by school officials.

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Public Schools issued a statement in response.

“School officials took immediate action to notify Chicago police and took other appropriate steps to address the situation,” she said.

  • parent

    There are metal detectors in this school.

    Where they working?

    Was security sleeping?

    Or, are the students smarter than the adults?


  • Shataniana

    These women need not be angry, it was only a BB gun. Nobody’s life was ever in danger. They don’t need any answers and they didn’t need to be contacted. If only these same mothers would exercise as much enthusiasm when it comes to cleaning up their neighborhoods and helping police to battle the black homie problem!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      Only a BB gun? Ever see an eye after it was blown apart by a BB gun? It may “only be a BB gun” but it can cause some serious damage if you get hit in the eye, ear, head or spine. Feel the same way about a shotgun? – after all shotguns shoot BBs too, you know. I would want to know if someone brought a BB gun or any other kind of weapon into my child’s school. There is no time better spent than with your children so I don’t know what you think these parents should do to better spend their time.

  • yourlame


    Until one of them get’s their eye shot off.

    Your an lame duck!

    • Shataniana

      My point is, you can poke out an eye with a pencil. These women are just blowing this way out of proportion. They act like some major crisis occured and they weren’t notified. There are alot better things for them to put their time into, as I stated!!

  • Gabe

    Shatania, Are you that stupid ? It’s people like you that raise these thugs in the hood. I could just hear you ‘” HE STOLE THE RADIO, IT’S NOT LIKE HE STOLE THE WHOLE CAR. Your incompetence make me ill. Very doubtful that you have education past the 9th level.

    • tj

      I think giving Shataniana the benift that she reached 9th grade is a stretch.

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