Emanuel Proposes Crackdown On Bogus Use Of Disabled Placards

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to crack down on motorists who abuse disability placards, illegally parking in disabled spots or parking all day for free at metered locations.

“The abuse of the disability placards has gone on for far too long,” said Mayor Emanuel. “These reforms are about preserving legal on-street parking for motorists with disabilities and this ordinance sends a clear message that abuse of placards will not be tolerated in the city of Chicago.”

A recent report showed that many drivers abuse the system and park for free at metered spaces.

Under the proposed ordinance, the City would increase fines and authorize the Chicago Police Department to impound vehicles as an additional penalty for using fraudulent placards or misusing a placard of an authorized user.

Specifically, the ordinance would:

  • Penalize violators who display a false, stolen or altered disability placard would be subject to fines from $500- $1,000; and
  • Any authorized owner of a disability placard who allows another person to use the placard illegally would be subject to a $200 fine.

In recent years, the problem has become worse due to the availability of fraudulent and altered parking placards for purchase over the Internet, the mayor’s office said in a news release.

The fraudulent use of placards also negatively impacts businesses. When individuals fraudulently use disabled parking placards all day, it reduces turnover and parking spot available to potential customers.

  • KE

    Increase in the purchasing of placards over the internet… try the increase in sales from corner vendors on 26th Street in CHICAGO The SOS dept that handles the placards are aware of the sale of fraudulent placards all over the South Side of Chicago, with a brisk business being done along 26th Street… where you can purchase a fraudulent placard for about $350 a piece. Rham.. you and the CPD, the State Police, etc. need tp set up some sting operations in those areas and stop the sales of these placards. Disregard the outrage and all the complaints from the Hispanic politicians etc..and not only stop the flow of the fake placards.. but pick up a few dozen illeggal gang bangers at the same time

  • bob

    I thought those plaquards are for public worker dept heads, politicians and important connected people.

  • Tired of CCC (Corrupt Chicago Customs)

    I used to live next to a CP Officer. She would use the placard everytime she went shopping and parked in the handicap parking. I reported her. I had to move from the neighborhood because she had the cops and dept of sanitation harassing me all the time. Even the alderman got in on the action. Yes, I’m talking about Garfield Ridge!! Copville!! This is the neighborhood where the cops’ kids get in trouble and everything is kept hush hush!!

  • KE

    The Cops and the politicians are some of the worst offenders. The doctors are afraid to say no to them, so they sign off on a placard for THEM. THEIR WIFE, THEIIR FRIENDS, ETC.

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