(WSCR) Before the 2011 baseball season ended, most reports had Mark Buehrle going to one of two places: the White Sox or the Cardinals.

Well, one baseball expert said it’s a whole new ball game.

“The problem is, the starting pitching market is absolutely abysmal, which is why Buehrle — he’s had a terrific career, I’m not taking anything away from him — but he’s going to get a lot more money than anybody ever anticipated,” Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “He’s the most accomplished guy on the market. He’s much more accomplished than C.J. Wilson, and much more consistent. He’s performed much better in the postseason. I’m not saying he’s going to get more than Wilson, but if I’m the Yankees, if I’m Boston, any of those teams, I’m looking at Buehrle. I’m not looking at Wilson.”
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With more teams showing interest in the veteran left-hander, the price for Buehrle has likely been driven out of the realm of possibility for the White Sox.

“The White Sox are not appearing to be in this game because the price is getting way high, I’m sure,” Heyman said. “He may get a four-year deal. He may get $13, $14 million a year or more. Who knows? I don’t see the White Sox (signing him). The Cubs would be interesting, but they’re not really a contender.”

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