Eureka High School Teacher Suspended For Showing ‘Daily Show’ In Class

Teacher Rhett Felix was suspended until Nov. 28 after a school board meeting earlier this week

CHICAGO (CBS) — A downstate teacher has been suspended for showing segments of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” in class that parents found objectionable.

Parents had complained to administrators that the show was inappropriate for the students, because the segments in question included profanity and sexual content.

Teacher Rhett Felix was suspended until Nov. 28 after a school board meeting earlier this week, The Bloomington Pantagraph reported.

Felix teaches a government class at Eureka High School. Administrators said he would be reassigned.

According to published reports, Felix showed segments from the Comedy Central show that centered on sexual harassment charges involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Another segment was an interview with a former U.S. House member about giving health insurance discounts to people who exercise.

The class was also shown comments from Stewart, who described that a Internet search of a national politician actually turns up with obscene terms, according to reports.

“We’re a very conservative community here in the city of Eureka,” Mayor Scott Punke told the Chicago Tribune. “Certainly politics are playing a part, but my main concern is they are showing inappropriate material with language and dealing with sex to minors in a school setting.”

Click here to view one of the clips.

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  • Ralph

    I think if enough parents rally around the teacher, they can get this ridiculous suspension reversed. Profanity and sexual content? These are high school students, they aren’t going to see or hear anything new. Any parent who thinks otherwise is not thinking realistically!!

    • JM

      Yes – stand up for the teacher who decided to show a TV show in class rather than teach his subject. That is the issue, and that is why he should be canned.

      • JGreen

        If you actually watched the segments you would understand that the subject matter was centralized around U.S. governmental issues, and therefore extremely relevant to a high school government class. In addition, technology is a way of life for this generation and something that is not going away- if a teacher can use segments of a show to get kids excited about U.S. government and learning, more power to him! Kudos for thinking outside the box! Also, when is the last time you were in a high school classroom? Because a lot of the time, teachers play movies just for the heck of it that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter of the class. At least he was trying to teach and get kids engaged in learning.

      • Ralph

        He taght a gvernment class. He was most likely using segments of the show for discussion about political issues.

  • DP

    Ralph, you are completely wrong. It’s not the schools decision if the students should be able to see or listen to a show that has profanity and sexual content. It’s the parents decision, and that’s that. This is the main problem with public schools, they are filling our kids with information they feel is right. Plus, the show in question is a comedy show, it has ‘ZERO’ value of content for a government class.

    • Jay John

      Have you ever watched The Daily Show? If you are smart enough to realize it, The Daily Show provides very good social commentary and is nearly always accurate when portraying the events in our government. Ralph, is correct. I am in college and I have had multiple professors either show us clips of the show or tell us that they watch on a regular basis.

      • cark

        Jay John want to be a govt bureaucrat to help dole out other peoples money. Maybe if you really wanted to help people you would start a business and provide jobs for people, but that would actually require intelligence and initiative.

      • Jay John

        Well sick’n’tired…I am going to be a social worker…so when the government begins to deny people social security, welfare or various other forms of government assistance, it will be people like me that work to get people like you the means to avoid living on the street. I am not blind to reality…I just happen to see it differently (accurately).

      • AL

        Unfortuately Jay John, you are not smart enough to realize you are being indoctrinated. Start them young. I am sure many parents are proud they are paying for their children to listen to The Daily Show at the college level.

      • ironchefofmunchies

        Multiple professors showing TV shows in class to their students..

        You figure out why you OWS types can’t get jobs out of college yet? I doubt you have.

      • Sick'n'tired

        “I am in college” Man that said it all.
        I would love to be there when real life come knocking on your door.

      • Buntcake72

        Jay John, ever work in Social Services yet? My wife does and she’s desperately trying to get out of it due to the fact that the majority of people on government support don’t want to come off it. Do us a favor, if you really want to help people’s lives, create jobs for them so they can take care of themselves. Unless you ONLY want to work with the mentally handicapped where they need support. If you think the Daily Show provides good social commentary, I fear for your future. It’s a comedy show that slants the news just like most of the other organizations out there. Ask yourself this, why does the Daily Show skewer Republicans and leaves the Democats relatively untouched every time? Very good social commentary indeed….if you’re a Democrat.

        Again, you’re young, I was like you until I had to get out there and work hard for my money and position in life. You will see it too once the fog of College and the smoke they blow up your ass wears off.

  • Diogenes

    I fully support this suspension. It is appropriate given this teacher’s clear lack of judgment. It was, plain and simple, an incredibly unwise thing to do. Even foolish.

  • Chris

    Yes, Let’s all get to the lowest common denominator. You probably would not be surprised to know how many young people get their political knowledge from The Daily Show and Maher’s show……….no wonder the youth are so blindly led to causes like “OWS”

  • ironchefofmunchies

    You can’t understand that schools should BE a profanity and sexual content free zone? Really?

  • Sick'n'tired

    Agree with DP. You ask your average highschool student who is your congressman and they would not be able to pick him out of a lineup. Or ask them how does a bill get passed and they would be stumped (to bad school house rock is not around anymore) That is what they should be teaching. I’ll tell my child what is going on not the teachers union thank you very much

  • Bob

    Maybe the issue is it wasn’t a balanced view – he should have followed up with Colbert.

  • Neo Noircat

    I think you should be less concerned with John Stewart’s profanity and more concerned about his lies.

  • Mac

    Using The Daily Show in a class about government is like screening Rocky & Bullwinkle in a criminal justice course.

  • ReyPX

    Absolutely ridiculous…must be parents from the Reagan Bush eras….How unfortunate for their children

  • Peted

    Stupid show and stupid teacher; so whats new?

  • 4grandma

    A liberal teacher indoctirnating our children in the liberal lifestyle. I’m liking homeschooling more each day.

  • JG

    Thank God! Its stories like this that make me feel like we havent all lost our minds.

  • 4grandma

    oops…typo, that’s indoctrinating.

  • Jay John

    Have you ever watched The Daily Show? If you are smart enough to realize it, The Daily Show provides very good social commentary and is nearly always accurate when portraying the events in our government. Ralph, is correct. I am in college and I have had multiple professors either show us clips of the show or tell us that they watch on a regular basis

    • ironchefofmunchies

      You are paying people to play TV shows for you that you could just sit at home and watch yourself for the price of basic cable.

      I think college is wasted on you.

      • ironchefofmunchies

        Well JayJohn if you are dumb enough to judge people by an internet handle, then you probably ARE dumb enough to pay college tuition to watch Comedy Central.

        Maybe after you graduate you can get a non-paying job serving food in an OWS Obamaville shanty town.

      • Jay John

        Coming from “Ironchefofmunchies”…yeah I’m going to take you seriously. The clips are shown to demonstrate real-life examples of what we are going over in our class. Showing videos to reinforce classwork is actually a common teaching tool…

    • buntcake72

      Jay John, you’re in college, meaning you’re young and have zero life experience beyond what your teachers have indoctrinated you with. Once you get out into the REAL world, you’ll see what they taught you didn’t prepare you for anything. Come back to us in 15 years after you’ve had to stand on your own two feet and realize life isn’t fair and it’s only what you make of it.

      If professors use video to get through to a student that’s fine, but teaching Government by using The Daily Show is akin to teaching Law by showing reruns of Law & Order. Even you have to admit in your young mind that it’s a little “off”.

      Also not taking someone seriously because of their “internet” handle is rather silly no? I mean, you seem to take Jon Stewart seriously even though it’s a comedy show that skewers the “news” to benefit their point of view.

  • Jay John

    watch it*

  • Anti-Ralph

    wow, Ralph, you’re the epitome of how some parents view the public education system.. I’ve got news for you: the “public” in “public school system” refers to it being a taxpayer-funded educational system, NOT a “teach what you see in public” educational system..

  • TGC

    I’m sure this “teacher” is a member of the union that demands teachers get more money! If this is how they teach, let’s fire them all and replace them with basic cable! Think of the money we would save!

  • JSK

    Why are so many on this board insistent upon claiming that The Daily Show is indoctrination? Whether I agree or disagree with the teacher’s methods is irrelevant. Would the teacher have been suspended for showing C-SPAN? Fox News? How about MSNBC? Maybe we should remove all public media outlets from reaching our children. Or maybe we should be more involved in molding our young people in to respectable and responsible adults because clearly we are attributing a massive amount of influence to one teacher and relatively less to the parents of the students. Let’s be responsible for our kids intellectual growth instead of merely wishing for schools to shelter them from the “real world”.

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