Police ID Second Suspect In Robbery, Fatal Shooting At Aldi

The public is asked to call (312) 747-8272 if they have information.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Police have identified a second suspect in last week’s robbery and fatal shooting inside an Aldi store but do not have the man in custody.

Detectives have an arrest warrant for Michael E. Smith, 30, in connection with the Nov. 10 robbery and homicide at the 9017 S. Halsted grocery story, police announced Thursday.

The public is asked to call (312) 747-8272 if they have information.

Another suspect charged in the case earlier this week apparently committed suicide while in police custody.  Police say Develt Bradford, 52, was found hanged in a holding cell at the Calumet District police station, 727 E. 111th St.

In the two-man crime, which was recorded by surveillance cameras, the armed suspects entered the Aldi store and announced a robbery. A security guard was fatally shot, and a female customer was wounded in the leg.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/11/17/aldi-murder-suspect-found-hanged-in-cell/ Aldi Murder Suspect Found Hanged In Cell « CBS Chicago

    […] Another suspect, Michael Smith, remains on the loose in the Nov. 10 robbery and murder. Police on Thursday released his identity and photo and ask the public to call (312) 747-8272 if they have information. // // Share this 10 comments // […]

  • Watching 2011

    One hanging , one to go.

    • Sue

      by his BALLS!!!

      • Alabaster White

        The only good ones are the dead ones.

  • PG

    Hopefully, someone will accidentally leave something in this clowns holding cell that he can use to hang himself with too, and he’ll do it just like his friend did.

    It’ll be a waste of taxpayer money to feed, cloth and shelter this waste of humanity for however long his sentence would be.

    • ME

      U SUCK!

    • Chaim Chitterling

      Yes, we hardworking taxpayers waste enough money on the ones collecting welfare and section 8 we shouldn’t have to waste anymore on the murdering ones too.

  • Just the Average Joe

    Get that man a rope, and a pine box.

  • me

    Y’all r so wrong for this, that’s jus pour hatred

    • Dontaysha

      @me, How can you possibly defend a vicious low life black African negro like this guy? What is the matter with you?

  • Bob Hamilton

    Great work once again by the Chicago Police. As you read this they are tracking this wannabe thug down, like the animal he is. So Michael watched 3 hours of Grand Theft Auto and all of a sudden he has a great idea! We’ll take down the Aldi’s and kill the security guard.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Bob While I do agree that a lot of these video games aren’t a positive influence on our youth and should be removed from the shelves. We gotta remember in no way should 3 hours of GTA take away a life time of positive reinforcement and teaching right from wrong. After X number of hours the person is still responsible for their actions not a video game. So given that game is there and is not going away we have to teach our children that their are Consequences to those action most children that are 18 plus do understand this.

  • Debra

    These pieces of wasted flesh think that there owned something so that try to take what they want fro working people…The Old PUNK took the easy way out why didn’t he kill him self first instead of the Security Guard trying to make a living for his family!!..I hope when they catch this PUNK he will get get lot in the system for a long time!

  • jazz

    I know everybody have the right to voice their own opinion but im saying many people dont think befor they do something and how can we judge a book without its cover we dont no what was going through his head and we dont no what happen in the store all we no is what the media is saying and what the people in the store is saying and one is dead what im saying is all this name calling is very un necessary

    • real

      what the media is saying ? what like they staged the shooting ? listen your family don’t have to suffer though this . name calling , kids do that . killing is another story all together . have one of your famlly members gunned down and tell me how many nice words you want to call the shooter ?

  • twin72

    Well everyone hve rite 2 a opinion nt 2 judge thats y they gt da law da video game is a excuse they r nt kids da one who killed himself was bout 50 da otha dude 30 old enough 2 knw fantasy and real life

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/11/22/police-cameras-failed-in-lockup-where-2-committed-suicide/ Police: Cameras Failed In Lockup Where 2 Committed Suicide « CBS Chicago

    […] Another suspect, Michael E. Smith, 30, has also been charged in connection with the incident. […]

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