Clinton: Occupy Movement Has Gotten Out A Message

SKOKIE, Ill. (CBS) — Former President Bill Clinton was in town Friday morning to sign his new book, Back to Work Barnes and Noble at the Old Orchard shopping center in Skokie.

He stopped to talk with WBBM Newsradio about the Occupy movement, as Mike Krauser reports.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

President Clinton arrived to applause from a long line of people at the bookstore, but before he started signing books, he said the Occupy movement has succeeded in getting a message to the country that most of the gains go to the top 1 percent of Americans.

“One reason I wrote this book is to try to respond to what Occupy Wall Street and the other Occupy movements are doing,” Mr. Clinton said.

Does the former president share the Occupy movement’s frustration with the direction of the country and where it was headed right now?

“Well, sure, because we’re in a terrible fix,” Mr. Clinton said. “But what they need to understand; what all Americans need to understand, a financial crash is not like other recessions.”

Because of the real estate component, he said, this economic slump could last 10 years.

Tony Mancuso of Lake in the Hills was first in line at the book signing.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the 42nd President of the United States, which is fantastic,” he said.

  • Micheal Savage

    Hey Bill wait till they kill someone,or do massive destruction,I wonder what you will say then pervert!

  • LOTD

    FUK Clinton and whatever he or his useless c@nt of a wife says!

  • 99% member (and we're growing everyday, Mike Savage!!!!!

    Hey Clinton. Your betrayal of the American worker (remember NAFTA you jerk!) was a contributing factor to the situation we’re in. I’m surprised the “Occupy” folks didn’t tar and feather you!

    • LOTD

      I’m suprised, as MOST of you people wouldn’t have a clue about NAFTA!! Bravo, but I’ll bet that you’ll still vote democratic in the next election right??

      • Famous Anus

        Most Occupy people I’ve met are more constructively anti-Obama than the average Tea Partier, and what’s more: they have good reasons why they’re anti-Obama.

        Get off your couch and have an unfiltered listen for yourself, scared little man.

      • LOTD

        @famous @s shole………….look tough guy, the reason these occupy fux are anti-obama (as you say) is because obama hasn’t come up with the handouts that all these lazy sacks want. You want to protest, have some balls and go to DC. Do you want to talk about the bused-in unions, socialists, etc. that are also part of “your” movement?? A majority of these clowns that I’ve seen potrayed on even the most liberal of news stations appear to be full-time college hipsters that are suprised they can’t find a job that pays them 6 figures for their basket weaving degrees!!!

  • Jim hamilton

    OMG Bill Clinton has a new book out!

    Really who gives a rats ass?

    I dont remember him for nothing but a joke I was once told.

    “He’s the only president in history to get cought having sex between the bushes.”

  • Famous Anus

    I just wanted to leave a comment that wasn’t vulgar, racist or politically ignorant.

    I got nothin’; Ah, wait, here:

    Wm. J. Clinton is the most capable modern politician since J.F.K. He’s also the most liberal since Nixon. And the most corrupt since Reagan. And I didn’t vote for him.

    And I didn’t vote for Bush, Obama, or any Demolicans.

    Go Occupy!

    • LOTD

      Maybe you should go occupy DC. You want to talk about corruption that pales in comparison to wall street. Look at the insider trading among congress!!!! Then again, I’m sure you morons aren’t familiar with those facts either!!

      • Jim Hamilton

        Can you say Rahm, Inside status, trading and Fannie may in the same sentence?

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