Cook County Board OK’s Budget With Tax And Fee Hikes

CHICAGO (CBS) — Hang onto to your wallets: The Cook County Board has passed a new budget, and, it’s going to cost you.

The board approved the spending plan in a 16-1 vote Friday.

Under the plan:

–A so-called “use tax” on cars, boats and trailers will go up a quarter-percent and now will be 1 percent.

–The county tax at private parking garages will be 50 cents a day. That’s on top of the $2 a day the city will be charging.

–Parking will now be charged at the six county courthouses — 4.50 a day. The exceptions are for jurors, witnesses, or police officers who are testifying.

–Vehicle stickers for drivers living in unincorporated Cook County will double, from $40 to $80.

And, if all these increases drive you to drink, that will cost you more, too. Beer is going up 3 cents to 9 cents a gallon. So is hard liquor — from $2 to $2.50 a gallon.

“The spirit of compromise and collaboration that allowed us to pass this budget will continue in the weeks and months ahead as we continue to address the challenges that face Cook County,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said in a written statement.

  • just the Average Joe

    Those sanctuary policies, health care, and the overburdened judicial system is about to break the back of Cook County. Detroit is in sight.

  • Jim Hamilton

    My gawd Chicago they didn’t even use vaseline first Chicago wanted Rahm and thats what they got Rahm and his band of yes men lmao

  • Jim Hamilton

    Chicago can you say RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE LMAO at the fools that voted these clowns in

    • LOTD

      Unions, liberals, etc. F-ing democrats have ruined crook county!!

  • Just Axin

    Yep, these politicians have no balls and aren’t willing to stand up to the unions, etc to make the necessary cuts and stop spending our $. Will taxpayers remember this come next election? Probably not.

  • Jim Hamilton

    16:1 vote can you say Gang Rape

  • BorderAgent 69

    How about tax all the ILLEGALS selling food and other stuff on the streets of Chicago

    • Jim Hamilton

      BorderAgent69 I get the basis of your comment but sence these guys aren’t alowed by law to vote, it would be taxation without representation. That would further Obamas agenda to grant them amnesty. We need stronger boarders and more deportations and I don’t care if they have children born here separate them if we have too (I personaly think we should have an amendment that that disqualifies children from citizenship if parents are illegals) but we can find better homes for them without them being raised by their fence jumping parents anyways. and if not they can grow up and go home to mama. But untill mama and or papa does the proper paper work and gets legal status they need to be gone!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Hamilton

    People of Chicago would be wise to push the issue of Rahm alledgedly using his inside status to make trade Decisions

  • HOW can they do it?

    Stock up in Wisconsin!!
    At 5 1/2% sales tax I save alot of money with major purchases.

    Maybe Illinois should copy Wisconsin.
    5 1/2% sale tax
    NO toll roads
    Gas is $3.25 a gallon right next to the airport
    65 mph as soon as soon as you get over the line on 94

  • Auto Signals Pro

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