Police Warn Of Rash Of South Side Armed Robberies

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are looking for several men accused of accosting South side residents and robbing them at gunpoint of everything from money to car keys to cars in the Park Manor and Grand Crossing neighborhoods.

Police say at least six armed robberies have been reported with men approaching and robbing citizens between State Street and Vernon Avenue from the 7100 to 7500 blocks, an alert from Calumet Area detectives said.

The robberies were reported on the following dates and locations: Sept. 8 in the 7200 block of South Michigan; Sept. 11 in the 7300 block of South Michigan; Sept. 16 in the 7400 block of South Vernon; Sept. 18 in the 7400 block of South State; Sept. 23 at 71st and State; and Oct. 2 at 73rd and Michigan, police said.

The men have approached victims as they walk to, from, or enter their vehicles at various times throughout the day.

An offender takes out a gun and states “give me everything you got,” “give it up,” or “give me your money.” In several instances, the victims were walking down the street when offenders accosted them, searched their pockets and took everything of value.

Some had their car keys and their vehicles taken, the alert said.

The men are black, between 17 and 30, 5-foot-5 to 6-foot-1, 120 to 200 pounds, the alert said.

Anyone with information should call Calumet Area detectives at (312) 747-8273.

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  • Keyshawn Demarious Washington

    I think it is safe to say, we are all in total agreement with you, Mr. No More Monkey Business. Hopefully lawmakers will read your comment and finally do something about this problem!

    • L. Wilson

      Alderman Sawyer refused to help when I told him about my incident !!

    • No More Monkey Business

      The suspects are BLACK, between 17 and 30! Really? Who would have ever guessed? Imagine that, black ass homie gangsters, working their craft. And a vicious craft it is. What the hell is going on down there in blackville? These monkey gangsters know there is no risk to their well being in this city. When will law makers figure out we have a major black homie problem that needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later. Forget about being accused of racial profiling, it’s obvious who the violent offenders in Chicago are. Do what needs to be done. Stop every single black Afro on the south side, search for drugs or weapons and check for warrants. If this is done dozens or even hundreds of times a day. imagine how many vicious simians could be taken off of the street. Remember folks, the only good homie, is a dead homie!!! (This is a repost)

      • Alabaster White

        One can only hope.


        Right on, tell it like it is.

        You are soooooooooooo right No More Monkey Business!!

  • L Wilson

    This is exactly what happened to me Sept. 23rd and I am in that area. I been asking my Alderman to put out a warning since September and he refused to put out a noticed in the area to warn people. I am sure more have been robbed at gun point thats not even listed here !!!

    • Lee Bean

      You’re right L Wilson 100% because it happened to my brother two weeks ago but his incident happened in Morgan Park. I think these are the same two guys but now they are moving to another area to throw CPD off. If that’s not the case then this is a larger operation spreading throughout the city.

  • Porch Monkey

    Imagine blacks!!! I’m shocked!

  • Jefferson Davis

    Maybe its time we horsewhip the Negro aldermen and give them a taste of Confederate fried chicken.

    • Alejandrisha White

      HaHaHaHaHaHaHa, that’s hilarious, Mr. Davis, HaHaHaHa!!!

  • Lyndia

    You just voted Sawyer in and he has fell into the same ways of Lyles.

    • Lee Bean

      I agree Lyndia! I haven’t seen his promises fulfilled yet but I’m not surprised. I didn’t vote for neither one of them.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Good thing Chicago no carry policy these guys may have been armed and dangerous

  • Jim Hamilton

    Hi there Chicago it’s me from down state illinois. Hows the anti gun laws working out for ya. When will you idiots up there wake up and see your anti carry laws only dis arm the law abiding guys and keep the bad guys with their guns safer?

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if the victem could have just pulled out 44 and took care of these clowns? Just think of the lives and tax dollars that could have been saved, and the streets would be just that much safer.

  • NWA

    I want something I take it. A proud Black man never asks.


    • OLD VET


  • Jinni Parker

    Amen!!!!!!!!!! Protect the people of Chicago pleaseeeeeee:
    Forget about racial profiling/ Do your job legally NOW:

  • Paul Kersey

    Carry Concealed NOW. More guns means blood will run in the streets. NOT! 49 states have CCW. Has it happened anywhere in the country? NO. Do you think these people give a F. The law abiding citizen complies and them has their life threatened. For what? VOTE OUT these IDIOTS that deny you your constitutional right to protect yourself! Wake up Chicago. These party pigeons don’t give a rip about what is right. They just want to get elected. They think we are too ignorant to be responsible with a gun. So far we have let them get away with it. NO MORE. Stand up and fight. Take back our city. They work for us. Pass Carry Concealed in Illinois NOW!!!

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